Imagination is the tool I use in manifesting everything I desire in this reality. It is used to supplant physical reality with the eternal reality; the one inside my mind — God. We were given the imagination to create a world of our choosing. So when I finally woke up, and realized that I created my entire experience, I knew that I could use this tool of Imagination to reshape external world with the eternal, internal world. 

All things we impress upon the subconscious are expressed outward. As we reorganize the mind, external events in this world are also set into motion to reorganize physical reality to match the one that is going on inside my mind. My world before I learned to manifest was treacherous at times, and unstable in others. Chaos was the nature of my mind, and therefore chaos was the nature of the world. Nothing was stable. As soon as something good would happen, something bad would come in and sweep it all away — leaving remorse and pain in its’ wake. 

When I built my toolkit as a Craftsman of external world, I took extreme attention and care to be sure the tools are masterful and perfect. For what would be the outcome if the tools were crooked or broken? How would I paint the external world if the bristles on my paintbrush were bent or missing? Even if I knew what I wanted to paint, I have to know how to paint it, and what exact tools to use in order to paint it.

The tool in my awareness today is the tool of planning. When you know what you want, it is the necessary to contemplate a scene that you will imagine in order to get what you want. To know how to create your scene is more than half the battle, for once this skill is mastered, you can create scenes to attain anything you desire, with ease. 

To manifest anything we want, we must first know what we want. When we know what we want, we must then outline the scene. In order to outline the scene we must follow a process to be sure to get exactly what we want. Ambiguity is a killer — and if we order the wrong thing, then we will receive the wrong thing. The God inside our innermost self is not stupid, and knows what you want before you want it. When we are using these tools to deliberately create our future, through using the planning process of manifestation, if we follow certain guidelines, we can make sure we manifest 100% exactly what we want. Once we plan out the scene, we can then enter into our imagination and imagine it exactly as we have outlined, so that we can make no mistake and manifest our desire. 

List exactly what you want to receive. What is your desire? What do you want to attain? 

After you list that down on a piece of paper, do the following: 

Contemplate or write down a list of ideas about what scene you want to imagine. Choose a scene that you could easily describe in a few seconds. Something which includes all the specificity of your desire, yet the generality to give it as much possibility as you can.

 On the top of the page, write: 

My Imaginal Scene

  1. What would you see?
  2. What would you hear?
  3. Who would you be with? 
  4. What would they be saying to you?
  5. How would you be acting?
  6. What would you respond back? 
  7. What would you be wearing?
  8. Where would you be?
  9. How would you feel emotionally? 

The power of tracing out and outlining your scene in unparalleled. Most people get stuck when imagining because they have not done this preplanning. This is your desire. This is your chance to get whatever you want in this world. Your scene does not need to be long. In fact, the shorter the better, as long as it still contains all the specificity in detail of your wish fulfilled. Sometimes even just writing out the scene in the way described above is enough for it to come to pass, for you words have creative power. So be sure to outline it. It is worth it! But don’t stop there.

Once you have written down those things, it is time to imagine. Imagining is the activity which makes the unseen seen. You are able to supplant this reality with the ideals you listed on paper, and in doing so you impress those ideas on the subconscious mind. That is all it takes for it to manifest. We may not know when, nor how — but we know that if we imagine the wish fulfilled in first person point of view, that it will surely come to pass. 

This is how I plan my scenes, and it never fails. Use this on yourself. Use this lovingly on behalf of friends. Use this in everything, and watch as your manifestations come to pass, whilst the entire rest of the world acts out as slaves to get what they want. You simply need imagine, and the rest falls directly into place.