Manifesting "big things" is sometimes regarded as "difficult". This is because when you deem something as "big" or "important", no reason or logic can remove the attachment from yourself which desires that "thing" badly. If you'd like to manifest something that you would consider substantial, such as a specific person, a sum of money, a new job, or perfect health,  I'd like to start out by telling you that it is possible. Anything is possible. As it is stated in the Bible, "all things are possible to him that believes." There is actually nothing that can stop you from manifesting except for yourself. The fundamentals are critical in understanding exactly get whatever you want. This is because it takes sharpening of skill and dedication in order to achieve your ultimate manifestations.

 There are a few fundamentals that are essential and understanding exactly how to manifest things which you would consider "big things". These are the same fundamentals for manifesting anything else. The only difference is that to manifest a "big thing", such as a specific person, or a large sum of money, it takes discipline of the mind. To Manifest, say, a cup of coffee, one can generally do so with ease. The reason for this is that there is no conflicting thoughts when it comes to manifesting a cheap, inanimate object. This is not true for all cases, but there is literally no difference between manifesting two separate things. The only difference is the control of the mind.

 Our mind must be controlled when it comes to manifesting a big thing because of the first fundamental of manifesting, which is "our thoughts create reality." Our thoughts have always been creating reality ever since we first became aware. The moment we drew our first breath was the moment we started thinking. From that very moment, we began to create but we were unaware that we were doing so. That is why, people create, then they forgot that they create because they were unaware that they were doing so, and then the battle their creations. So when it comes to this "big manifestation", the one who is doing the imagining or manifesting is generally filled with thoughts of fear and doubt. This is unacceptable if you truly want to achieve this great manifestation.

 The second fundamental is that our emotions for our feelings are greatly responsible for the impressing upon the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the thing which creates. When the subconscious is impressed upon successfully in any way through any medium of thought or feeling, it will, without restraint, create the thing which was impressed upon it. That is why when you have contradictory thoughts, it seems that your creations are wavering back and forth. But it is not only the wavering back and forth that we should be worried about. It is our reactions to the wavering back-and-forth. One must exert deliberate control over the thoughts that the allow into their mind so that they can be sure to only manifest the things they desire to manifest.

 In order to control the things that you manifest, you must control the thoughts that you allowed to enter into your mind. This is where God's gift of the imagination comes into play. The imagination has the capability of creating anything that he desires to, and since it does this we've then have the capacity to create anything that we want. Before deliberately using our imagination to create our reality, we did so simply through our idle thoughts, our reactions, through the things which people said and we overheard, the things that people told us about ourselves or the way that the world works, or our own stories that we came to believe about ourselves or the world. This world is filled and inundated with information. This information is generally of patterns formed by this shadow world. This information does not, however, include the way that things actually work.

Anything that exists in our world is a manifestation of the mind. As I said earlier, the moment we drew our first breath is the moment we first created something in this human form. After that moment, that first thought, our first creation would be made manifest relatively shortly afterwards. Unaware of this fact, our automatic mind continues to create. Therefore, if we created negative things, then we would tend to continue to create negative things because of the existence that we are apart of after our creations. Some people generally think happy thoughts without any practice or any observance of the thoughts thereof. But other people, like myself, automatically created worlds of chaos, pain, anxiety, suffering, bad luck, negativity, and anything related to those descriptive words. As our world filles with events, objects, people, or anything that are directly manifested due to those negative thoughts, we simply receive more of them. It can be concluded then, that this very moment, everything that we have ever experienced, the good, the bad, and in different, were all manifestations of our own mind.

But science only traces the patterns of this physical world. Statistics and logic are based only off of what is perceived and measured by the human eye. What is neglected at the peril of science is the causation of those events in the first place. The causation of those events is the action of the subconscious mind, or God. When we understand this critical yet irrefutable truth of life, that our assumptions and thoughts are creating this reality, it can be a startling revelation. Many choose to reject it, but those who are ready, and those who wish to clean complete and total control of their life, Will not only accept it, but embrace it as well. The moment you can accept and embrace the fact that your sum total of thoughts, assumptions, moods, imagination, and inner conversations have created this world that you now live in, you have taken the greatest step you will ever take. This is the solution to all the problems that you will ever face in this world.

This can easily be traced. Simply observe the world is that you're living in now. Look at the place that you live, the friends that you surround yourself with, the jobs that you hold, the relationships that you're in, the amount of money that you have, your place in the community, the amount that you know, every single thing in your world now. If you closely and critically analyze your thoughts of the past, the stories that live inside of your mine, the things that you say to yourself when no one is around, and the arguments that you have in your head... If you can go back in time in think of the person that you were as a child, and the time in between then and now, you will be able to name an undying link between the thought and this world that you now live in.

Most of the time, it is the stories that we believe about the way that the world works -- something someone once said that for some reason we chose to believe it. Maybe it was your mother telling you that you were not good enough, or your father telling you to get a real job, or an old partner telling you that there was something wrong with you. Or maybe you have a belief inside of you that no one will stay in a long-term relationship with you for longer than a certain time. Or maybe you believe that every man will cheat on you. Perhaps you have a fear of abandonment. Maybe in third grade someone embarrassed you and you were never the same since. It could be anything. It could be something you read in a book, or watched on television. Somewhere along the line you chose to believe a story, and then another one, and then another one.

It's your assumptions that live inside of you. It's the bad memories that you have. It's your fears, jealousies, insecurities, doubts, anger, the games that you play, all of these things are continuously made manifest until you finally accept this and decide to change it. A decision must be made. You must make a decision to take complete and total responsibility for your life, to analyze the events that have transpired and then the thoughts that have created them. When you can do this thing you have made a good start. Most people are afraid to do this.

These bad memories, moods, assumptions, feelings, inner conversations, and beliefs or the sole reason you are in the spot that you are in now. Everything in this entire world that comes into your awareness was created specifically by you. Therefore, no one or no thing is independent of you. Everything is rooted in you and flowers into this three-dimensional world. This is what science does not observe. Any science or measurement that does not include the cause of the event itself is not complete. This true science is what I have dedicated my entire life to. The science of tending to the Garden of the mind. Understand that everyone is you pushed out. 

Everyone is you pushed out is a term that describes the process of creation, and how everything is rooted in you. But it is not just every-ONE that is rooted in you. Is everything, every event, every weather report, every job, every stroke of luck, every stroke of genius, every stroke of failure. When you understand this truth of life, you can finally understand that you have the power within you to create a life worth living. You now have the keys that can unlock the door to complete and total dominion over this world. The entire world and all of its contents are centered in the mind. Literally, all things that exist inside of you are continuously being executed and created on this world without. The only reason we have been blind to this fact in the past is because of the time it takes to manifest something. There is a gestation period from the inception of your idea to its full manifestation in this three-dimensional world.

If we want to stop creating things that we do not want to experience in this world, then we must simply gain control of our mind. Considering that all things that exist and live inside of our minds are created in their exact likeness on the screen of space, or this three-dimensional world, we must fully comprehend now how to tend to the garden of the mind. There are multiple ways to deliberately and explicitly create this reality that we live in. It is not as we think it is. The laws of nature are only used to give us the things that we want. They are only used to mirror us the stories and assumptions and imaginal acts that dwell inside our subconscious mind.

As I said earlier, the subconscious mind is the thing which executes our finite or conscious minds commands on this three dimensional world. It entirely and completely dictates the experience that we have. We must refrain from impressing negative, or undesirable thoughts into the subconscious mind if we are to deliberately and consciously create the world that we live in. As I said earlier, all things are possible. The consciousness that swells inside of us is the same consciousness that created this universe. This is extremely easy to test. If you deliberately outlined a few simple things that you wish to experience in this world, and then 10% of your day replace your natural thoughts with those deliberate thoughts, you will 100% without a shadow of doubt experience those things in this three-dimensional world. A 10% shift.

I always suggest to do a systematic examination of this truth. Define any number of things that you desire to experience in this world, and then construct scenes which would imply that they had been fulfilled. If you take those scenes and replace your thoughts that are natural, with these scenes that you desire to experience, seeds of thoughts will take root in the subconscious mind and be manifested for you to experience in life. You cannot know when or how the desire will be fulfilled, because we do not know what these seeds consist of truly. Any number of events must unfold for that manifestation to come to pass. Some desires of mine have manifested within seconds, others have taken years, and there has been no way for me to tell what will happen for these desires to come to pass.

"The end" is the idea of which deep consideration should be applied. The subconscious mind replicates this thing impressed upon it, so that it is eventually mirrored. With that said, we should only deliberately imagine the end result of the things we wish to experience. As I said earlier, this world is only a reflection or mirror or fruit of the seed we have planted. This physical world should not be viewed as the limits that we must abide by. Their are two separate planes. There is this spiritual plane, and the physical plane. The spiritual plane supersedes the physical plane every single time. In fact, this physical world is nothing more than a side effect of our thoughts, or the spiritual world. 

The reason I say that is because when I tell you that you can use your imagination to create the world that you desire to live in, some of the first thoughts always come to,"But what if this happened?", or "but what if they said this?", or, "what if I don't have my college degree?" "I just don't see how that is possible considering the way things are right now." All of those statements are derived from the patterns that we observe in this physical world. At this physical world is only used as a means to produce for us the things that we have imagined. Therefore, this world should not be used as a means of identifying limitations. Rather, it should be viewed as a means of delivering to us the things we have impressed upon the subconscious mind.

When we impress a thing on the subconscious mind, whatever it takes for it to be mirrored to us will take place. Put another way, if it takes 1 billion people to be used, a weather storm to erupt, the stock market to crash, for you to lose a job, or for someone to break up with us in order for us to experience the thing that we have to impressed upon the subconscious mind, it will be done. It will be done with ease. That is the very way that this world has always worked. There is nothing new that we are invoking here. We are only simply identifying the way in which the world works, and deliberately utilizing it for our rightful benefit. I say all of this to explain that we only need identify the end result and nothing in between for our manifestations to come to pass.

In fact, imagining the means, or "how" something will manifest, is actually getting in the way. There are various pitfalls to imagining the middle, an fortunate enough for you, over examining my life obsessively for the last eight years and helping thousands of people, I have been able to observe the side effects of trying to manage and control the way in which something will be brought to you, after you have impressed upon the subconscious mind. "Meddle with the middle", is the term I like to use when someone is trying to control the way in which the manifestation will unfold. We are not dictate To God the way in which he should do his job. I have seen adverse affects unfold from trying to imagine a text message, or a date, or something that would imply that you are trying to manage and control the way that the manifestation will come to you, after you have already imagined the end. The sure bet to manifesting anyone, anything, or any event, is to strictly imagine the end result as if you already have received to the thing that you desire.

When you do this, the creator, or awareness, that which brought all awareness into awareness, eill use whatever means necessary in the most perfect and profound way for you to receive this thing that you have imagined. We cannot identify the way that it will come. I, myself, have been surprised so many times by the means that were used to bring me my desire. Sometimes I thought things would take a long time, but they came in an instant. Other things I thought would come in an instant, but they took a long time to come. I say this to explain that we cannot exert our own human willpower in trying to dictate when and how our manifestation will come to us. This must be accepted, or ignore this to demonstrate what happens. I would actually recommend doing both so that you can get a full understanding of the way that this works.

Constructing a scene which would imply that your desire had been fulfilled is a skill that can constantly be sharpened. All problems should immediately be viewed from the end result and felt so as to remove any struggle or effort of the human willpower to bring it to pass. In fact, nothing can be done with human willpower. Everything that we have done in the past has all been done through belief or imagining. In order for something to be accomplished, we must first imagine or believe that it will come to pass. In order to construct a successful seen that would imply that we are now the person that we desire to be, we must know the end result that we have in mind.

When I say, "Imagine that you are now the person that you desire to be", I mean explicitly that. Remember, all things are rooted in you, exist in you, live in you, and are planted in you. Therefore, nothing exists outside of yourself. Even the way that you believe another person is acting, the way that they are, or the way that your job is, you observe everything from your own consciousness. You do not observe anything from outside of your own consciousness. Therefore, just to be clear, all things exist inside of you. So when you are imagining, you are imagining the person that you desire to be. If that means that you are imagining that you are a billionaire, or married to a specific person, or happy, or rich, whatever it is that you desire to be, you are imagining yourself being that way -- from your own perception. Anything that must take place for that manifestations unfold, will. And you will encounter a bridge of incidents, or any number of events that will lead you to the end result that is in the exact likeness of your imagination.

As I said earlier, the exact thing that you impress upon the subconscious mind will be planted and then replicated for you to experience on this external world. Therefore, to know exactly what we want is of paramount importance so that we may impress that exact thing on the subconscious mind, and experience that exact thing on the screen of space. So contemplate what you would feel like if you were now the person that you wanted to be. What would you look like, what would you wear, where you be, who would you be talking to, what would you say, what would they say? This applies for any single desire that you have. 

When you have defined exactly what you want, be sure that it is exactly what you want. I have found that people are generally more successful when they imagine the thing they truly want. A lot of times it is not money that someone wants, it is to be debt free. It is not a specific person that they want, it is to be happily married with the love of their life. It is not the job that they want but it is to feel fulfilled and happy. Nevertheless, any and all things are possible to manifest. There are no limits. Just be sure you want it, for when you imagine it and it is manifesting, there is nothing that can stop it.

Anything that we can possibly imagine already exists inside of Awareness. In fact, we could not be aware of something if it did not already exist. Awareness is a creative force, called God, which makes things aware, and creates things to be aware of. If we can imagine something, then it already exists. There are infinite possibilities that already exist now. We are just simply unaware of them. Thus, when we construct a scene and bring it into our imagination we are merely selecting something that already exists -- and then when we feel it as if we are already there, we selected and draw it in. That means that there are infinite copies of you, infinite copies of me, and infinite possiblities of different with infinite different events that exist right now as mere potential for us to experience. All we need to do is imagine and feel, and it is manifested in this world.

First person point of view is the way we must perceive our imaginal acts. Going off of the premise that our subconscious mind replicates this thing impressed upon it in it's exact likeness, that would imply that for us to experience our desires in their exact likeness, we must imagine them in their exact likeness, see them in their exact likeness, use our senses in their exact likeness, and feel in the exact likeness of how it would feel if you were that person. This is an important distinction that I want to clarify. First person point of view is the difference between you receiving this thing that you desire, and someone else receiving the thing that you desire. It is only through this single difference of imagining in first person, instead of imagining in third person point of view, as if it is in a movie, and you're watching it on the screen, that is the difference between success and failure.

After systematically testing this theory, and all other theories, for over eight years, I have concluded beyond the shadow of a doubt that first person point of view is one of the bare essentials, yet defining acts which lead to success.

The thought should arise at some point has to how and when I should imagine. The goal here is to replace our natural process of creating within deliberately defined creative pattern. The things that you impress upon the subconscious mind via the medium of your imagination are literally patterns. They are blueprints. We are replacing the things that live inside of you naturally with deliberate and consciously created things. Creation in its natural state happens every single moment of every single day. The things that we experience with our five senses, the statements that we hear and choose to believe, the inner conversations that we carry on when no one is looking are watching or that no one can hear, and the reactions that take place inside of us when there is something that we like or something that we don't like that appears in front of us -- these are all creation impressions in the subconscious. We must suspend all natural creation in order for us to successfully create a seed in the likeness of our imaginal act, and impress upon the subconscious mind with any sufficient force.

Imagining then should be done when in a state where the senses, logic, or anything else that exists in this three-dimensional world, are shut off. We do not want to continuously create the things that we have already created, for if we do then we will be in a situation that we have not explicitly defined, but rather in the situations we have always been in. We want to get into a state where all that exists are the things inside of our imagination. Also, any chance that we have of deliberately injecting consciously defined thoughts into the subconscious, we should take those moments and imagine as well. We should then begin to define scenes for any medium of impression upon the subconscious mind so that whenever we get the chance to, we can do so.

The most efficient way of impressing upon the subconscious mind is one we are nearing to sleep. This is the moment that comes every day where our conscious mind is reduced to a minimum and our subconscious mind becomes extremely impressionable. The Guardian of our mind, which is the limited, finite, analytical, conscious mind, must be in an inactive state for us to be able to successfully impress upon the subconscious mind. Daydreams will work, but this time before bed is the best because we will also hold our imaginal act there for the entire duration that we sleep.

Sleep is the realm where which awareness can roam without any limitation. It is pure subconscious. So when we grab hold of our imagination and deliberately control it to embody a scene which would imply that we are now the person that we want to be; when we bring it into sleep, we are planting on fertile group.  I have personally never seen it fail. It is not always 100% possible to bring a scene into your sleep depending upon the scene, as some may induce excitement, but that should be the goal. It is not necessary either to bring that scene into sleep with us, as I have manifested thousands of times without falling asleep inside the imaginal act. But like I said, it is the best case scenario. Nevertheless, bed is the ideal time to imagine. Having consciously created a scene which would imply the fulfillment of the thing we want, when we can control our mind before bed, we should play this scene in first person point of view and feel every single feeling and sense that would really occur if you were now actually playing that part.

This is a skill that must be trained. You may not be able to have control over your mind instantly, but with persistence and practice you will be able to do so. It is our divine right, our capability to be able to impress upon the subconscious mind. That is why we were gifted with such an ability. So we deliberately begin to relax and lose focus of any thoughts that imply that we are in our current and present state. Put another way, we want to drop every story that lives inside of us, every belief, anything that is in contradiction to the scene that we are about to bring into our imagination. Focusing on your breathing, counting backwards from 300, or when your mind wanders you constantly bring it back to the present thoughtless moment, these are all techniques that help to shed the layers of ourselves which are in contrast to our desire. Some people can do this instantly, other people it takes a half hour, but as you persist it will get easier and easier. You must persist if you desire to consciously create your life.

When you have entered a state where you have shed your concept of self to the best degree possible, you should then, in your imagination, bring that scene to life. You only need the scene to be a few seconds long because our subconscious only needs to know exactly what it would imply if you were that person. I generally make my scenes approximately 5 to 10 seconds. Often when I begin imagining, when I bring that scene into my minds eye, it is pitch black. That is because our eyes are closed. But we can know and feel and see with our imagination that we are in that scene. Generally, I continuously repeat this scene adding more and more detail to it every single time. The goal here is to make it as realistic as if I was really in it. To feel the mood and sensation as if you were truly playing that actor in that play. Eventually, with practice, the scenes will begin to actuall show in your imagination.

After you have made this scene as lifelike as possible, you can either continuously repeat it until you fall asleep, or you can drop it and go to a different scene that you have previously created as well. When you catch the mood in this imaginal act, the seed has been planted. It is only now up to the Creator to bring it to pass. If you have done this successfully, it will come to pass.

There are many other ways to imagine. You do not have to do this while asleep. Oftentimes while driving to work I create inncer conversations with friends which imply that I have experienced my fulfilled desires. Other times, I write lists as if I have already received the things that I want. Or I do quick imaginal scenes wherever I am if anything comes up that I desire to experience. My point is is that the only requirement is to make it realistic, feel the feeling, and be in the scene yourself, experiencing it.

This is all it takes to manifest. If you study this guide and you test it systematically every night for 90 days that I promise you will experience a profound shift in your reality. Once you come to believe this and trust your imagination to be able to create anything that you want, there is nothing else that you must know in order to create the world that you want. Start by systematically replacing all of your old beliefs that are limiting in nature. Construct scenes that would imply that you are now a different person. Enter into them and breathe life into them by feeling the feelings as if you were really there.

For anything that you should want, construct scenes which would imply that you are that person as well. Any problem that arises in your life, or anything that would benefit you or another -- because this law can be used for other people as well. If there is someone that you know that has a problem, imagine the successful outcome to that problem and you will watch that come to pass as well. This is the power of God. The power of Christ. There is nothing that can get in the way between God's power in this physical world. Imagine lovingly for yourself and others and watch the profound change in this world.

Once you have impressed the seed upon your subconscious mind, the next thing that you have to do is wait. There's no telling how or when something will be manifested, but if you have imagined it properly then it will come to pass. If you're having trouble with confidence in yourself that you have successfully impressed upon your subconscious mind, practice this with any number of things to prove to yourself that your imagination is the sole creator of this reality. I have specifically tested this countless times. I literally would not be able to tell you how many different things I have consciously created because there are so many of them. If you asked me to give you a ballpark number it would be in the tens of thousands.

Every single aspect of my life has been constructed consciously and imagined successfully. Waiting is the part that for some people is most painful. Sometimes you will see no movement for quite some time. Other things will happen immediately. You'll start to recognize every thought and every manifestation. Sometimes, you will start to see signs and synchronicities in alignment with your thoughts. These are events that are also manifestations but they are more like "pre-manifestations". They are in the same likeness of the imaginal acts that you impressed upon your subconscious mind, and are therefore proving to yourself that God has heard your thoughts.

If you begin to see signs in relation to the things that you have imagined, and if you have only imagined the end result and not dwell upon anything else, then you can be sure that it is a sign that will continue and lead you to the very end -- your fulfilled desire. If you do not only focus on the end, however, you cannot be sure that that sign is leading you towards the end. If you imagine the end but then think about other things related to the manifestation, such as a person's name, or anything in that likeness, then the manifestation that is unfolding or the sign that is appearing can be related to the fleeting thoughts that are also alive in your mind.

Train yourself to only imagine the end and nothing else. That way you can be 100% confident that the manifestation Will be specifically for this thing that you imagined and nothing else.

Be sure not to react to your surroundings, for reactions create impressions upon the subconscious mind. This is a crucial part were many mess up. If something does not go your way, then it is likely remnants of the person that you used to be. If you are confronted with a contrary manifestation to the thing that you have imagine and successfully do not react, then it will be consumed and will not happen again. Do not view this reality as something that is real. This is all a dream. This is all a creation of your own mind. So why would you react to something that you have created. If you find yourself continuously stuck in a loop of reacting, then you will continuously find yourself stuck in a cycle of creation and you will likely not receive the things that you desire. If that sounds like something that you are going through, then perhaps it is time to retreat and claim back your independence and dominion. For this is codependency, and unhealthy. 

Instead, if you find yourself doing this, construct a scene which would imply that you are very good at suspending your judgment. In order for you to manifest anything, you must not be continuously creating things that are in the opposite direction. Reacting to a negative event is the same thing as creating a negative event. Thus, you must either revert back and detach yourself from the outcome, and try to imagine again, or Move on and come back to it later.

Another way to manifest after you have imagined is to simply know it is going to come to pass. This comes with implicit trust. The difference between this and the technique previously stated is: in the one prior, you simply drop it and move along. This method suggests that you can just simply have an inner knowing that your imagination creates reality, and since imagination creates reality, you know you have imagined, and therefore you know that it will be created. This knowing is implicit and I have seen it bring many things into fruition.

The final way to continue after you have imagined is to pretend at every moment that you are in this scene. That means, you bring there, here. That means wherever you go, you are pretending that you are now that person. This can only be done if you are detached. For if you are constantly reacting to your environment then you are not living in the end. You're lying to yourself. I have learned the hard way that sometimes I truly believed I was living in the end but I was reacting negatively more times than I was not. Even to react negatively for a short span of time can have adverse effects, because we will create the things that we react negatively about. So depending upon how much attachment you give to this thing and how much experience you have, try using different means of persisting.

This technique can be applied to anything. Considering that all things exist now, even things that have happened in the past can be modified. The modified event will then become manifested in this reality. Time is not static or linear. Everything is dynamic. They all exist now. It is only through our memories, which again, live inside of the mind, that they exist. Remember, anything that is alive in you will be manifested. Our memories will be manifested. Our beliefs will be manifested. Begin, then, to constructively use your imagination to modify your beliefs and memories to be sure that they are in alignment with the desire that you have in mind.

Anything that you can possibly think of in this world -- the weather, statistics, your physical body, other people, events, your job, love, happiness, wealth -- you can use your imagination to create any of these things. Design a life worthy of your true self, which is God Almighty. Anything that you think of, imagine better. You will not be let down. Practice this as if your life depends upon it, for it is the solution to every single problem.