How I Impressed My Subconscious Mind in 2 Seconds and Manifested a Free Vacation

Manifesting is not something that is hard. It is simple. And we make it as easy and hard as we want to. I have proven to myself time and time again that the only thing needed to manifest is for a fleeting thought. This is both an awesome thing, and it can be a scary thing. The reason it is awesome is because we have the power through fleeting thoughts and simple imaginal acts to create the life that we desire. On the other hand, if we do not control our thoughts, we have the power within us  to create things that we don't want. We create things that we fear. 

Job 3:25 - The thing which I have feared has come upon me.

John 1:14 - And the word became flesh

About a week ago I was writing my daily manifestation list -- as I do basically every single day. I do this on a regular basis so as to increase my faith, and to see my manifestations all day, every day. Sometimes I write 5 things, sometimes I write 20 things. It does not matter. When I write them down, I am not imagining them. I am not thinking about them any longer than it took me to write it down. I do not reflect on them. I do not bring a picture into my mind's eye. I just write them down as they come to me, and then I put the list away. Maybe a few days later I will bring it up into my awareness again. 

The reason I do not feel a need to check the list is because during my days, I am consciously seeing my manifestations that I have set into motion yesterday, the day before, an hour ago, a week ago, a year ago, and a month ago. I do not feel the need to consciously check it. And in fact, it is better not to check it, because one of the keys to manifesting is to "drop it", or stop thinking about it. This is the beauty of this exercise -- to see our fleeting thoughts manifested. To know that all it takes to manifest is to think of something for a split second, and then carry on. 

During this list, I simply wrote down "I have friends around the world that I stay with." I wrote a few other things and then I just completely dropped it. I didn't look back on it, nor did I think about it again at all. Each day that passed, I did not reflect back on this list, but I just created new lists. I did not look at the past list at all to see whether I was repeating or not. It doesn't matter. I just wrote a few things which came to my mind at that moment.

Five days later I got a message from a friend. She told me, "Joseph, do you know where route 74 is?" If you have been following the things which I write on this group and on my blog, you know that 74 is my number. So as soon as she wrote this, I knew to pay attention. I said, "No I do not". She explained that she has a condo in Palm Desert, which is a resort town, off of Route 74. She said that she does not live there, and it is open. It is a beautiful place. And she told me that if I desire to, I could stay there for as long as I like. Being that I am no longer at the office, and I work from home. It was a perfect opportunity. So not only was it perfect for me, but I had written it down 5 days earlier in my journal? Long story short, I decided to go. I am there right now. In FIVE days, without thinking about it for more than 2 seconds, I manifested my desire. It has been a lovely stay, and I got to explore some amazing scenery and had a lot of fun things to do. I met a lot of people. It was perfect. Upon arriving in the neighborhood, the first sign I saw was 7447,0 (again, my number) and when I reached the house the miles on my car were 4707. She lives on the address number 74-453. It was all perfect. More conclusions that this was all divinely perfect, and that this is all a perfect dream. Not only did this happen, but three different people in three different countries have asked me to come stay with them since I wrote it down. But why did this manifest so easily?

This manifested so easily, because of the perfect way I followed instructions on manifesting. I had a thought, it was concise and clear, I wrote it down which invoked my imaginal faculties -- if even for a split second, and then I forgot about it completely (dropped it).

We do not need to create intricate scenes and deep feelings in order for a thing to manifest. We must simply in a concise manner, control the thought, which then it will enter into our subconscious and manifest itself in this reality. One of the greatest misconceptions is that we are only manifesting when we explicitly create a scene and imagine it before bed. This simply is just not true. Do not choose to abandon this theory, as you will do so at your own peril. Understand that your every single thought has an effect on this reality -- and the nature and quality of those thoughts will come into full manifestation in a time interval defined by God. We do not choose how, or when, or why it will come, but we can simply plant the seed, and choose to move on, and watch it come to pass eventually.

Understand as well, that the capacity we have to let something go will be measured by the manifestation of the thing itself. If we are not letting go, then we are probably not going to manifest it. What I mean by letting go is this: dropping it, or stopping imagining it, and then stopping thinking about it in all totality. This is the best case scenario. Obviously it's not as easy as this always, but that is what is needed to manifest something. If we do not let it go, then we cannot expect it to manifest. Period. Many times with a specific person or a great desire that we have, we are afraid to let it go. But you must understand that if  you do not let it go, then your chances of it coming to you are limited. This should give you increased incentive to completely stop thinking about the thing you are obsessive over.

Our desires can sometimes chain us, or bind us. They restrict our ability to think clearly, and ultimately to manifest our desires. Through being bound by desires, we do not focus on anything except the desire. And to desire, is to not have. In other words, how could we desire if we already have it? If you are holding onto the desire then you are saying to yourself, "I do not have it". If you are gripping onto it with your dear life, then you are creating more "want", and less "having". The dominant feeling in our life is the thing that is expressed over and over. If we are living in the state of desire, then we are living in the state of lack. If we are living in the state of lack, we are creating more lack, and more lack, and more lack. 

The keys to manifesting are, imagination, feeling, and dropping it. Imagination is to create a scene of the end result. Feeling is feeling that you're really there. Dropping it is the same thing as saying, "I have faith that my imagination creates reality. And if it creates reality, then I know that my imaginal act just impressed upon the subconscious mind, and that it will surely come to pass." Which one of these is missing in you? Are you feeling it? Are you imagining it? Are you dropping it? Be sure to answer honestly, else suffer the consequences. There are no exceptions to this. None. This is the process, and you must adhere to it to manifest your desires. That is why this exercise of writing a list of your desires and moving on is so important -- to teach you that your imagination is creating your reality in every single moment of the day. 

Release the desire you have that is keeping you from manifesting your dreams. If you have yet to manifest the thing you so desire, then what have you got to lose? Give it a try. I can tell you this, if you have not manifested the thing you desire, then it is most likely because you have not let it go. So let go. Just let go. Letting go will free you. You will be able to focus on so many different things. You will begin to feel better. Avert your attention elsewhere. Get busy helping someone else. Use all of your attention on anything except your desire. For you have already imagined it, and if you drop it then it is sure to come to pass. Do not keep seeking endlessly for signs, for seeking is the same thing as not having. How could you be seeking if you already have it? Do not take action on behalf of your manifestation. For how could you be taking action toward your manifestation if you already have it? 

I normally begin to see signs depending on the magnitude of the desire. If it is a desire that will shift a lot of things in my life, I will begin to see the shifts in my reality to set up things in their proper order. I do not move them myself. For these things will be done by people automatically. Just as the person hands you the free coffee and is completely unaware that you have imagined it, so is that the same way in which you will move to bring you to your desire. Inspired action is automatic action. Just as when your awareness is automatically focused on the flower you have imagined, without you even knowing it was there, that is the same automatic behavior that you will follow in order to manifest your desires. You will be used automatically. And so will everyone else. You should not lift a finger, not until it comes directly to you. When it comes to you, then act -- for you have to reach out and grab it. But until then, unless you have seen it come to you, unless you have done nothing, then you cannot say that it has manifested. 

Use this example, and do the same thing I did. The more desires we have, the better chance we have at dropping them. If we only focus on one big desire, then it is more difficult to attain because of our lack of detachment. I am not special. I simply use the law every single day, in every single circumstance. I receive so many manifestations constantly, and it builds my faith regularly. Do the same. Test this theory. Be the operant power in your world. Have multiple desires, and stop thinking about them after you imagine them. For if you have impressed the subconscious, then they will be sure to come. How can you know they have impressed your subconscious? By testing this. Test this theory every single day for 90 days and watch what happens. If you do not test it every day, then you cannot say that it doesn't work. I imagine in all things. All day. Every day. My life is like a dream. I am proven more and more that this is all a dream of my making. Nothing can exist in my world that I did not first consciously devise. 

Create the life of your desires. If you are stuck in a desire, this is the perfect time to detach. When detached, write a list of many things that you want. Make a list of ALL things you want, and proceed to create imaginal acts for them all. In the same token, all fleeting desires you have, write them down as they come on a list, just like I write. I do not write, "I INTEND FOR THIS TO COME." NO. Do NOT write it this way. If you "intend" it to come, then that means it has not come yet. The only requirement is to imagine the end, feel it real, and let it go. The end means it is already done completely and fully. It is the handshake at the end of the deal. It is the phone call with your loved one about how well it went. It is currently having it. Anything in the past, or in present -- but not in the future. This is a critical distinction. 

So do this, and prove it... For it will change your life, as it has changed mine. You will not need to read these posts anymore when you have proven it, because you will have your own proof. You will be your own greatest asset. So do it now!