Manifesting Through Genesis 2:21-24

This is the part of Genesis where God asks Adam to name all the animals and the beasts of the world.

Adam,  having free choice in naming them,  represents the freedom to chose that which he wants.  They are all his,  and will determine what they are,  and what they mean to him. He has dominion over his world,  and all creations.

21 And God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam,  and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof: 2:22 and the rib, which God had taken from the Adam, made he a woman

What is represented here; as we know,  the subconscious is most impressionable when we are in a drowsy state. "God caused deep sleep to fall upon Adam". Your senses turn away from this world,  and focus inwardly.  As we drift off to sleep,  we  imagine our desired state, and as we do so,  it is planted into our subconscious mind (God). What is it about sleep that makes a man able to impress on his subconscious mind more easily, and manifest? It is because the conscious mind is the ego, or the barrier between this reality, and God -- or creator, which is our subconscious mind. It's being protected. It is essential for ourselves to have this conscious barrier so we can choose what we want to create. So sleep is a great representation of WHEN God works, because when we are asleep, the consciousness is shut off -- and we're all God in that state. 

The rib in which God takes from Adam (the literal Hebrew word,  means the hollow part of the thigh, the creative part of man),  represents the seed / imaginal act,  and our subconscious (God) makes it manifested into our reality, after it has been planted into our Subconscious. The desire being represented as woman in this case.

All creation is made from man. All that which we desire to see in our world must first be imagined. The very concept that woman was made from Adam represents how everything and everyone is part of you. It's not only your creation, but simultaneously YOU. Everything is born from your consciousness. Everything IS you.

23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

This is recognising the manifestation we see,  as our very own creation,  created  from within, it is a part of you.  The whole manifested world. 

24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

The bible refers to the conscious and subconscious mind as the Husband and Wife. The husband being the conscious, wife being the subconscious.

"Shall a man leave his mother and father" literally means,  to deny what your senses tell you, leave it behind and instead focus inwardly, and imagine only that which you desire. As you do so,  you will have union of the conscious and subconscious. You will have brought into your subconscious your desire.   You have impregnated your wife, you have become one flesh. 

Further explanation of leaving your Mother and Father, which was briefly mentioned above, is the world in which we live. Whom were we created by in our world? Where do we live? Who raised us? The carnal mother and father represent all that exists in this world, those that seem to feed us and clothe us, and bring us life. We must completely abandon the idea that we are from this world. Who best to tell us that we are children of this world, than our parents? They are proof that we were born in this world.

So thus, it is of profound cruciality to express the need to leave your mother and father, for they are the greatest representation of this world that we can get. We look like them, we sound like them, and they teach us. But we must abandon this idea, and we must lose our attachment from this world, completely.

Now, what can we do translate this into the proper technique? 

The Technique 

1. Like Adam, Choose a desire -- you have free reign through your imagination, and no one can stop you from imagining something. 

2. Convert that desire into a fulfilled accomplished state -- choose a portion of that fulfilled accomplished state FOLLOWING the fulfillment of your desires. 

3. Enter a state akin to sleep, like Adam. 

4. Shut off all of your senses, and abandon yourself from your mother and father to your fulfilled state -- clear your mind. 

5. Imagine yourself as you would be if you already received your desires. Be sure to enter into this scene as if you are the star role. Feel the feelings. See what you would see. Do what you would do. Say what you would say. What would it feel like? How would you sound? How would you look?  

6. Repeat this scene over and over and over again until the end result permeates and completely overtakes your consciousness.

7. When you feel the feeling of naturalness, it is done. 

When it is done, it is done. Just like the creative act of man, there is no half-finished. You KNOW when you are done. A feeling of rest and naturalness, along with any feeling of the wish fulfilled will come over you. Now just watch as your reality shifts. You will begin to see signs, miracles, and wonders, to fit the imaginal act that you have just impressed upon your subconscious. 

So think larger than large -- better than the best -- greater than great, for all is within your imagination, and being that it is IN your imagination, it IS yours, because YOU are God, and God is inside of you.