She is listening!

Written on my whiteboard is a paraphrased quote from Neville Goddard which was the answer to a question that I proposed to my subconscious. I asked her, what was it that I needed to do in order to manifest my ultimate desires. Through a series of events and signs, I perfectly stumbled upon the quote by Neville, "abandon yourself completely" to the desires state, as God so abandoned himself to us. That is the answer. Self-abandonment. And that was the answer I was seeking. Shed "Joe" and become "The Rich", "The Powerful", "The Loved", "The Lover", etc...

I stopped by a friend's house today. He doesn't know much about what I believe, what I practice, and what I manifest. However, he is an established artist. And very talented at that. He painted something for me... and this is what it was.

Just as if to solidify the answer, and my confidence in the answer to my question, "What do I need to do to manifest my ultimate desires?" Here it is. And here is what was written on my whiteboard as the answer to the question I asked to my subconscious mind :).