Welcome to Manifestation Monday! Each week we will be posting a manifestation technique so that you may follow along and manifest with the group! The objectives are to 1) apply and get acquainted with the technique of the week so that you may use it in your every day life to achieve your greatest desires, and 2) build your faith to prove that YOU are capable of manifesting your desires by yourself.

Manifestation Monday General Rules:

1. Comment below, indicating that you are participating. DO NOT SHARE YOUR DESIRE.

2. In a discrete location, write down the desire you will be applying the technique to. One which you believe you are capable of manifesting within one week's time. SHARE IT WITH NO ONE. Be as specific as possible with your desire so that at the at the end of the 7 days you will be able to know that the desire was fulfilled without any variables.

3. Follow the technique as outlined.

4. When the manifestation has occurred, which it invariably will, share your results with the group!

Follow the technique as outlined.

This technique is taken from Neville Goddard's "Five Lessons". The idea is create a scene which would take place FOLLOWING your desire fulfilled, condense it into a single, very brief act, and then embody it. I would like to take a few moments to explain how this process works, or as I understand it.

The subconscious mind is the part of the brain which is one and the same with God. So they are one flesh. Our subconscious mind is God. Our conscious mind exists as the portion of our awareness that we actively control, or at least that we think we control. The subconscious mind is actually God. The conscious mind acts as the guard, or the protector of the subconscious mind. Therefore, whatever you allow to enter your subconscious mind, either purposefully or inadvertently, will be made manifest through God into this screen of space.

There are various ways to impress upon the subconscious mind, and there are various specific instructions that must be followed if one desires to manifest the specific results they want. Our entire world, in every single descriptive facet, is a projection of our subconscious mind. I am making the statement that every single thing in your world exists because you hold it in place. Sal Giuliano wrote a very descriptive post on this yesterday. In saying that, knowing that your mind has created all of the characters and people in this world, that goes to say that you can intervene with your standard flow of thoughts and manifest a different future -- one of conscious creation and effort. 

The way to do this is to impress on your subconscious mind, through the medium of imagination, and your future therefore will alter to fit your new scenes. Your thoughts are the ones that dictate the ideas going into your mind, and so change those, and change the world. Without getting into too much detail on this post, a bridge of incidents will occur and you will end up in the place, experiencing the thing you've desired. Every single time. The only requirement is that you experience in your imagination, the feeling of the fulfilled desire. That is all.

I am going to give you the key to altering your future in whichever way you desire. Follow these in order, and do them fully. Half-measures avail us nothing. We must completely abandon our old state to the new state in order to manifest our desires. The feeling of having the desire fulfilled must exist now. 

Here is the snippet from Neville Goddard's 5 Lessons:

"Know what you want. Then construct a single event, an event which implies the fulfillment of your wish. Restrict the event to a single act. 

For instance, if I single oiut as an event, shaking a man's hand, then that is the only thing I do. I do not shake it, then light a cigarette and do a thousand other things. I simply imagine that I am actually shaking hands and keep the act going over and over and over again until the imaginary act has the feeling of reality.

The event must always imply the fulfillment of the wish. Always construct an event which you believe would naturally encounter following the fulfillment of your desires."

So, with that being said, choose the scene and make sure it is only one single event. It must be short and condensed so that it may be repeated over and over and over. 

Manifestation Technique Instructions

  1. Think of something you want.
  2. Create a condensed, short scene which would happen IF and only IF your desire had been fulfilled. 
  3.  Enter into a meditative, relaxed state which borders upon sleep.
  4.  Bring the scene before your mind's eye and enter into it in first person perspective.
  5. Repeat the one event over and over and over until it feels real
  6. Release it

The time frame will not be known, but it must come to pass if you have done the previous steps in full. God, inside your human imagination, cannot fail. It must be done. So enter into the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and it will be given to you!