Today is a day where I did nothing but read Neville Goddard's works, imagine, meditate, and reflect.

Neville Goddard talks a lot about imitating God in order to receive our desires. Imagine the end. Feeling is the Secret. Assume you are already in the desired state.

... and After sitting for a while, trying to conjure up the next imaginal act -- the next work of art -- it made me think of this post.

"For we are God's workmanship."

Workmanship as translated from Koine Greek to modern English means "masterpiece." What is a masterpiece? A masterpiece is the manifestation of the best work and sum total of skill of the individual, manifested in some work of art.

We are God's workmanship. We are God's masterpiece. We are the greatest thing that God could create. It wasn't the Earth. It wasn't Gold. It wasn't the stars and the sky. It is we. YOU are God's masterpiece. Everything that God made, he loved. For God so loved....

Yet, out of all of the things God loved, he loved US the most. He loved and loves YOU.

"... God created man in His own image; in the image of God he created them"

So God abandoned himself to become us -- He forgot himself and became us. He completely gave up Himself and the knowledge of Himself that he may become manifest that which I AM. We were literally born into this world without knowing who we are (God), because God loved us so much, his Workmanship, that he put every single ounce of Himself into us and abandoned himself completely to become this Masterpiece.

Our body, which is the image of God, is a manifestation of our Human Imagination, which is God.

The beautiful day comes about to some folks who finally come to the realization that they ARE GOD. WE ARE GOD.

Never again do we have to forget who we are. We are GOD. GOD SO LOVED US that he abandoned himself to us, and yet now we are here... We remember that WE ARE GOD!

Think of it, God is the perfect being. God is all power, and all might. God is the creator of the Heavens and the Earth. Yet God chose to abandon himself to become YOU. The only way that he was able to make the masterpiece which is YOU is to abandon himself TO YOU! And thus, you were made!

We are awoken as God. We are God! The awareness that we ARE God is more than just knowing who we came from... We are God... Therefore, we have the POWER OF GOD!

"Be ye imitators of God."

Our world, our reality, our consciousness is God. Every thought, imaginal act, every action and reaction, every daydream, every word that comes out of our mouths has formed the reality that we now live in.

It brought you to this post. It brought you to the place you live, your family, your friends. Everything that you have in your life right now is a direct manifestation of your consciousness. Each thought impregnates the next, and so each moment impregnates the next.

Our imaginal acts and feelings create reality. There is no other creator. We are God, we are the creators, and there is proof in every single second of every single day, in our reality. Just look back carefully -- you WILL see the thought which caused this one.

So what is your masterpiece? You are God. Is your life how you want it to be? You know, you DO have unlimited power. You CAN imagine anything you'd like. You ARE as powerful as they come.

"We are a peculiar people".

"In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is kind."

I share the previous two quotes a lot, but the latter one is non-biblical. But it is truth. We are not like the rest. We are awake. Looking at the lives of others we can tell that which they are thinking. We can tell how their automatic, unaware thinking has brought them to their exact moment of NOW.

Some of their lives are good to their standard, some of them are not-so-good, and some are great.

But the thing is, the fact that they are asleep, they are unaware that they have the possibility to change their reality, literally. They are unaware that they can simply Imagine, Breathe, and Feel their way into a reality of their making.

As within, so without.

The facts are everywhere. No one is hiding it from them. They are creating their reality with every second, every thought, yet they refuse to take the reins, some on purpose, and some through ignorance. So their life is a series of "random events", one after another. Their lives are directed by "fate", or "randomness". And so be it. And so it is. They get what they get.


There is nothing limiting us to achieving heights greater than anyone who is asleep. The only thing that it would take for us to achieve the life of our deepest dreams, the life that people say is not possible because of the "Law of Averages", is to simply BREATHE CORRECTLY, FAITHFULLY IMAGINE THE END RESULT, and FEEL AS IF YOU ARE ALREADY THERE, FEEL THAT IT IS ACCOMPLISHED, and whether or not the desire is big, small, good, bad, or indifferent, there is NOTHING STOPPING YOU. It is DONE!

There is no Law of Averages for us. Your scorecard which may have read 0 at some time, or it may have read 10/10, doesn't exist. You are simply that which you imagine yourself to be. You are that which you ASSUME yourself to be. The Law of Averages does not exist for us. Our odds are that which we assume them to be.

So CREATE YOUR MASTERPIECE! Make your every minute your masterpiece. I know that I do my best to make my life worthy of a God. And my subconscious knows and so do I that I will continue to imagine and assume my way into my desire fulfilled.

"Dream bigger than big, abandon yourself completely to the desire fulfilled. Faithfully imagine the end and all things conspire to aid your harvesting. " - Neville

"If there were dreams to sell, what would you buy? Would you not buy your wish fulfilled? You dreams are without Price and without Money." - Neville

So outline the life of your deepest desires and live it in your mind. Live it in your imagination. Explicitly plan it out and simply assume it. There is nothing to stop you. Not even imprisonment can stop you. Nothing can. It is YOUR MIND. Heaven is in your mind. Heaven is your imagination! If it was not, then He would not have told us so! So create the perfect desire fulfilled in your imagination and watch it come to pass! It has to! It is guaranteed!

When you imagine the end result as if you were in first person the scene, and you FEEL as if you are there, and that it is done, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you NOT to receive that which you desire -- so long as you abandon yourself COMPLETELY to that which you love -- like GOD did for you!

" In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."

So I am that I am -- I am God. The predicate is that which you desire -- so what are you?