The law of assumption dictates everything that happens in this world. Whatever you assume is true, regardless if it really is true or false, will harden into a fact. To become successful at manifesting means to become successful a Creating and managing our assumptions. If we are filled with negative assumptions, then we will be filled with negative results in this life. The subconscious is nonselective. Not only the good ones manifest. If you dwell upon negative things, then you will manifest negative things. However, it is increasingly easy over time to be able to create assumptions of your choosing. Spend your time monitoring your thoughts in controlling what you allow into your mind and you will be controlling what happens in this world.

An interesting thing happened yesterday. I was watching the matrix. What a great movie. It is basically a metaphor or story for what is actually happening in reality. Even Morpheus uses words such as, "some are not ready to wake up", when referring to those individuals who are not ready to get out of the matrix. He says that they are asleep. Which is the truth about 99% of the people in this world. But once you become awake, you can begin to understand what it takes to manifest anything that you want, to experience the life that you only dreamed about, to get anything you want.

To create an assumption is not as hard as it may seem. To get rid of assumptions are just as easy. As far as I'm concerned, there are truly only three things necessary in order to manifest anything that we want. Three simple steps to creating assumptions. Three simple steps to experiencing the life you've always wanted to experience. Now, to simply read these three steps and not apply them is like receiving a contract stating that you are going to receive $1 million as long as you sign on the dotted line. But you never sign it. That is what happens when you do not apply these techniques. You must begin to implement them into your life if you desire to experience the life that you want.

To create an assumption, do the following:

  1. Outline or list the belief you wish to wish to embody, the blueprint you desire to have executing in this world
  2. Construct a conversation between you and a close friend, where they are telling you about how they are happy you have that assumption, or how your life is going in a certain way. For a certain thing to be happening repeatedly in your life, there must be an underlying assumption there. That is why we have a friend tell you that you have something going on in your life, because that will set into motion a chain of events which would lead you to having that assumption.
  3. Enter into your imagination and have that conversation back and forth between a friend and yourself. 
  4. When you get a solid scene played out, you can stop imagining.

The very first step of manifesting anything that you want in this world is to first have a desire. A desire is essentially a longing or aching feeling, as I described in my blog post on "The ABCs of Manifesting", is a sincere longing or yearning for something. If we have a desire, half of the battle is already done. We only need to know what to do with that desire in order to manifest it. Desires generally come in the form of a feeling. The feeling is generally something that you want really bad and that you would be willing to do almost anything to acquire it. When you have this desire, define actually what you want to experience which would satiate this hunger within you. That is step one.

Now there are many other ways to go about this, but I am going to give you the most simple and effective way to manifest your desires for step two. In that is to enter a state where all of your senses are shut off. That means, quiet your mind and become present in the moment. This step is crucial to imagining your desire because if you do not do this then you will have mixed manifestations. When I say mixed manifestations, I mean you will manifest a mixture between the thing that you desire and all of the other million things you're thinking about because you haven't quieted your mind. Do not skip this step. To skip this step will be to skip your manifestation. That is step two.

Step three is to enter into this assumption as if it already happened. That means, enter into the scene as if you have already experienced it. If you wanted a vacation, then imagine that you are already on vacation. If you wanted a raise, imagine that you are already receiving the money that you have desired to receive. You have already received your paycheck. Enter into that scene and feel as if it is really real. As if it is really happening now. As if you are in that scene itself, in your own body, feeling as you would feel as if you were there right this very second. And all the vividness as if it was really happening. You do not need to do this for a very long time. You also do not need to make your scenes very long. You only need to make a condensed symbol of what it would be like if you are now that person. Make sure it is actually after the desire had already been fulfilled. You do not want to be manifesting anything before that. That is what will happen if you begin to imagine how you will receive this desire.

If you have done this correctly, if you have used your imaginal faculties to enter into the scene of your fulfill desire, then whatever it is that you desire, whatever assumption you wish to acquire, will be created. If you desire to have an assumption that you are rich, use this technique to obtain those riches. You do not have to figure out how they will come, but they will come. There is no question. I have tested this technique countless times, only to find out that it works every single time. You only need to imagine until it feels solidly real. But if you begin to doubt that you have impressed your subconscious mind, you can repeat the process. There will be no harm in doing that. Only be weary that if you become obsessed with imagining and you are unable to let it go, then that is not the right way.

So back to my story. I was watching Neo walk past a doorway in the black cat also walked past. Then it walked past again. At that time, he said to the group he was with, "déjà vu." They said to him, "what did you say?" And he said, "I just had déjà vu. A black cat went by, and then another one just like it". While this scene was unfolding on the screen, I thought to myself, that is not what déjà vu is. Déjà vu is when something happens and you felt like it already happened before. Like you had already experienced it, except you have trouble remembering when. 

The next day when I was at a meeting, I sat down and they passed the basket around to collect donations. When they passed the basket around, it came to me, and I passed it to Kerry, the gentleman on my left hand side. A moment after I had passed the basket to him, another person passed a basket to him. Just as that happened, he looked at me and said, “déjà vu.” I instantly realized that it was a manifestation from watching the matrix. This was something from a simple thought that had manifested. The one thing I recognized that I did was simply contemplate thoughts. That’s it. There was nothing special I did. And this was no mere coincidence, as there are none.

All things manifest. All things are impressed that we focus on. Utilize the law of assumption to execute the blueprint you desire. The blueprint to success in manifesting is designated by your desire to imagine the person you want to be. If you have the vision in you to see yourself as the person you desire to be, then you are on the right path — for you will, with no question, manifest yourself as that person.