I have been finishing up the touches on the upcoming workshop this Sunday on Manifest a Specific Person: to perfect manifesting, and I wanted to give you an exercise that you can use to strengthen your imagination, in order to manifest whatever you want.

This exercise is called: Reversing The World

Utilizing this exercise can do a number of things to help you in your manifesting journey.

Control over your imagination can help make manifesting easier.

Your most powerful asset is your imagination.

Being able to imagine whatever you want, regardless of the difficulty, will help you to simply create at your command.

With that said, I'll give you the steps to do this exercise. Just remember, that controlling your attention to the point where you can imagine anything at anytime is the most powerful skill anyone can hope to attain.

At home, where I know what every part of a given room looks like, I sit in a chair facing one wall.

With my eyes closed, I “look” ahead and see not the wall that is in front of me, but the one that is behind me. 

I see that wall in my mind’s eye and it is now in front of me. 

Then the room has reversed itself, or I have reversed myself.

Practice this with various things, and be able to imagine anything, anywhere, anytime.