I now have the joy of being able to say that I have spread the idea of Manifestation to five people who had never heard of anything related to the subconscious mind before. They were opened enough to receive the blessed gift of knowledge in relation to this subject -- and are already able to see it working in their life.

The gratitude that I have today that I have the power to create my experience in this world is without parallel. I now know that nothing is impossible.

The whole of creation exists in me and it is my destiny to become increasingly aware of its infinite wonders and to experience ever greater and grander portions of it.

My concept of myself today is greater and better than ever before, and that is why I achieve all of the things I set out to do. But I do nothing. The only thing I do is close my eyes and imagine what I desire. It has not failed me yet.

The power of the human imagination is something that, in the past, I had tried and successfully seen results. But the way in which the events occur are so subtle and natural that even though I had received that which I have imagined, I had seen the change but then moved on with my life. Five different times I have began to use my subconscious mind explicitly and intentionally, and received results every single time. But five times, I stopped, because life got good and I no longer needed to believe. Five times, I let the subtleness of the wonderful magic of the imagination and the God within slip through my fingertips, and relapsed back into a state of sleep.

Almost 5 months ago I had made a vow to never let this amazing gift slip away. I promised myself that I would be so grateful for that which I AM, that I will never take this gift for granted. In 5 months, actively and intentionally utilizing knowledge for the past 5 months has brought me to heights that I have never achieved in the previous 28 years combined.

The miracle working power of the subconscious mind is the be all and end all.

"As within, so without." There is nothing that can exist outside that does not exist inside first.

We are a peculiar people. We are awake. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Our lives should be no comparison to others who are asleep. We have the definitive power to create that which we desire. We can do this intentionally, and in every single aspect of our lives. Nothing is by chance. Every single event in our existence is predefined by our imaginal acts. The fact that we have the power to be and do whatever we desire, it is unacceptable for me to be anything less than that which I aspire to be. What are you choosing to imagine?

I keep fresh in my mind every day that I AM GOD.

Today and every single day for the past 141 days I woke up and close my eyes again. I imagine the day as I would like it to be. I specifically imagine that I am at the end of the day, being grateful that the events of the day, the specific ones that I imagine, have transpired. That means that I define each and every single day before I live it. Sometimes I am very specific, and sometimes I am not. But without fail at the end of the day I have lived the tremendously amazing day that I imagined I would.

During the day when a problem arises, I pause, and imagine the perfect outcome to the problem that occurs. Never once during the last 141 days have I been disappointed. Anything I ask my subconscious mind, I get an answer to. Every single time.

This priceless gift of the human imagination has the power to make the universe bend over backward to meet our request. I think of myself as the king wearing the crown, and everything in my experience is now proving to me that I AM that I AM.

Thank you, group, for allowing me to share my experience with you.

We all have the same power. Use it and enjoy life.

How do you use your imagination? What do you desire? Comment below!