The subconscious mind must obey. It performs perfectly. The subconscious mind never fails. It projects in the realm of time and space the exact nature that of which we imagine.

She is always listening. Always. I'd like to share a story about the subconscious mind. A couple of years ago, I had wound up in a lot of trouble. I had known almost nothing about the subconscious mind, but I did believe in "praying as if I already had the answered prayer." I was reading The Law of Success in 12 Lessons by Napoleon Hill, and he talks about concentrated focus and imagination.

The reason I want to bring up this story is because I was listening to Neville yesterday and he was talking about the normal lives of normal folks. They take facts as they are, and carry on believing that whatever someone says is truth. But there is nothing more false than that. Facts are dictated by our subconscious minds, and if we don't like the facts of common people, then we can change them.

We have freedom from averages, which is a lot more than other people have. People wish and beg and do insane things to try to beat the odds. They cheat, steal, lie, kill, and destroy to get what they want. Yet, even when the truth is right in front of their face, that they have the power of God within them to change reality, they continue in their old ways and never use the EASIER SOFTER WAY.

He specifically mentioned something about "the prisoner" who spends time locked away in prison. The judge sentences him to years, and he quietly sits in his cell, hoping that some loophole will be discovered and he will be able to walk free a bit earlier. That, or he will just wait out his time or find a way to escape. All they have to do is use their wonderful human imagination, the power of God within them, and anything is possible. They can break free from jail, they can make a fortune, they can have the happiness they desire. All without breaking any law.

So this is a story about the old character Joe.

I was locked away somewhere, and all I had at the time was time, and my imagination. I had gotten myself into a little bit of trouble again. My way of life, the carnal man, wasn't working.

At the time I was in Paterson, NJ. For anyone that knows Paterson, NJ, it is one of the most dangerous places in the country. It is an uncomely place, dangerous of all angles. I had seen murders outside of my window. I knew that outside was dangerous, but beyond the dreary reality of Paterson, NJ, there was bigger, better things.

But there I was, locked away. Again. For the 16th time. I sat alone in a room, staring at the wall. I was allowed to read, but that was about it. I was reading about concentrated effort of the imagination, and how visualizing a scene is like a camera, and once an image is impressed upon the subconscious mind, the subconscious acts as the developer and creates the image in physical reality.

I knew that my old way of life wasn't working, and so I decided to give my imagination a good shot.

I visualized a life outside of New Jersey. I imagined that I would be on the beaches of California. I would have a nice, quiet place for me to live. I felt the sun on my face. I had a dog, a Australian Shepherd. I dreamed I would be skateboarding. I would also be successful in business. I was driving down the interstate 5, from Los Angeles to San Diego.

I had a group of friends that all helped each other. We cared. We loved each other. I had a girlfriend. And life was grand. There were no more big stressors in my life. There was no trouble. It was just me and my dog in California, in my house.

This visualization was amazing. It was so real. Even as I was visualizing, people were speaking to me in physical reality because they saw that I was in such a deep state of reverie. But I ignored them. I just acknowledged the sound of their voice, then re-entered my imaginal act.

During my reverie, I sketched out the perfect place for me to live.

Then I snapped out of it, back to reality. I still was locked away, with no money, no friends, nothing.

Oh how dark it is before the dawn!

That would be the last time I spent any time locked away, or any time as a slave in my own mind, or imprisoned in some institution!

Upon release, my father allowed me to stay with him for a couple of months. The relationship was strained, but he was drinking heavily and therefore the relationship hit a boiling point, after about 60 days.

We ended up getting into a huge argument, and he locked me out of the house to die with no shoes in the middle of the night in January in the mountains of PA. I had to start a fire to live. That was the last day of misery I would spend. And I knew so little at the time that the misery that had just occurred was a part of a large and divine plan to see to it that my imaginal acts came to reality.

After I got locked out, I found an abandoned place to sleep and managed to get connection on a wireless phone. I called my mother and she had her sister drive a few hours to come and save me. That was the last straw I thought, I don't know what to do. But then suddenly, I got an envelope in the mail with just over a thousands dollars. It was apparently from my mother, who blackmailed my father without me knowing. It was literally a Godsend.

"This is it" I said.

I bought a plane ticket to San Diego, CA.

I didn't have a place to stay, but I looked on Craigslist and a few people didn't work out, but I ended up staying in a place called South Park for a few months. I miraculously found a fantastic job within ONE DAY of being in San Diego, a place that I would work at steadily for a while, with a fantastic salary. Over 200% of what I EVER made before that. That roommate was a disaster so I ended up finding a different roommate.

I moved in, not knowing that she had an AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD dog.

After that a while, I finally moved out and live in my own place, 1 block from the beach in San Diego, CA. I have an awesome girlfriend. I have an amazing job with a great salary. After a year of living in my new place, I finally remembered that it is almost EXACTLY IDENTICAL to the sketch I drew whilst in my reverie.

The subconscious mind perfectly manifested that which I have imagined, to an exact detail. The dog, the beach, the place to live, the job, the girlfriend. I doesn't matter the pain, the pleasure, -- whatever way it finds -- it will make the imaginal act a reality.

I will never take for granted the power of the subconscious mind, and I realize that no matter what the cause, problem, or fact is, the subconscious mind supersedes physical reality every single time.


"In your own bosom you bear your heaven and earth, 

And all you behold, though it appears without, 

It is within, in your imagination, 

Of which this world of mortality is but a shadow."

William Blake