I Heard Another World!

I love mystical experiences. In fact, I enjoy them more than manifesting anything else in this world -- for it is proof of the power that lives in me -- the limitless power. 

Last night I entered into another world again -- but by HEARING only. It was so strange. Multiple times now I know the feeling of what it feels like to enter into another world. I feel this strange sensation on the front of my forehead, and then I feel me leave my body.

After that, a strange bunch of patterns and particles appear behind my eyelids. At that point, if I open my eyes -- I am always in another world. It is as real as this one.

But last night was different. I knew that it was coming. I drove 2 hours during the evening to arrive at Palm Desert for a mini vacation, and on the way -- I felt myself getting VERY hypnotized. I begin to imagine that I would have a tremendous mystical experience.

That night when I began to fall asleep, I felt the sensations I described above. In the past, I had been scared of this because I am mostly paralyzed when I am in these other worlds. Last night was different. When I felt myself leave my body, I told myself, "no one has ever gotten hurt in another world". I don't know if this is even true, but for some reason it was the first thought I had when I fell into that state.

At that point, I gained the courage to open my eyes. But things were VERY strange. I could not see properly. Things were filled with particles. And I could feel sensations on my body that were not from "this world".

Then I began to hear people talking. Clear as day. Mind you, it was about 3 AM in the middle of nowhere. But I could not make out the voice. I hear it fade in, then fade out, then fade in, then fade out.

Finally, I closed my eyes, and the particles began to pour over my inner eye, and this wild shade of purple saturated my inner eye.

Then I drifted into sleep.