How To Use Your Imagination

Over the span of time from which I have persisted using my imagination to control my reality, one of the things that are imperative is continuously practicing God given gift. Just as anything else in this world, if you don't use it, you lose it. However, you cannot lose the power of God, but you can fall back asleep and forget that you are the operant power in this world. For those of you who are new to these teachings, persist, you will begin to experience a life that you could not have consciously conceived. All things are possible to your human imagination, and there are no exceptions to that rule. people are acting solely based on your assumptions, inner conversations, imagine relax, and feelings. your concept of yourself the outer world will morph concept that you have just created for yourself.

The only requirement to manifest is to control your mind. The things that you desire in this world things that you must imagine. It is as simple as that. that is to say, that you should not imagine anything in between now and your fulfilled desire, you must imagine only the end. For whatever is impressed upon your subconscious mind will be recreated world. That means, if you imagine anything between now and the desire, you will be imagining, and therefore creating, not your desire, but any number of things before it. The process is quite simple and as you persist in practice you will begin to think in terms of the end, and only the end. Begin to cut out anything in between and use this on every single problem that you encounter in this life.

Do not only fixate on one single desire. For where there is a great desire that we want, there is also great friction, and resistance, that's comes with it, at times. The feeling of the wish fulfilled is the ingredient which impregnates the subconscious mind and then expresses it into this reality. So, when we are feeling resistance, and doubt, and fear, we will inevitably experience fear, doubt, and things that are related to that. If you can successfully bring a scene into your imagination and breathe life into it, that is to say, make it realistic, you will, as a side effect, feel as if it is really happening. When you feel that it is real, it will be created. The feeling is the key. We are creating every single moment of the day. We have always been doing this since the moment we were born our human imagination is the operant power in this world and it always has been and it always will be. From Everlasting to Everlasting,

When you fully comprehend this concept, you understand that you have created every single moment in your life and will forever create every single moment in your life. No one can make you do something, no one can have any effect on your reality, your imaginal Acts will bring into your awareness the things that you have imagined. every single thought, every single feeling, every single in our conversation, everything you think of before bed, all things you say out loud, every single thing that you bring into your Consciousness will be impressed upon the subconscious mind and just as a computer application, will be executed, and expressed this world, and you will see with your eyes the thing that was first in your mind. With that said, you must utilize this knowledge in every moment of your life. You must guard your thoughts, you must explicitly plant the seeds of your desire and no other seeds.

In order to build the faith to manifest the bigger things, if you are keeping up on your imaginal work, if you are finding the solution in your imagination to every problem that you encounter, this is not as big a feat than if you did not imagine on a regular basis. If you are not imagining on a regular basis then you may not have the faith enough to persist when things seem impossible. But when you persist on a regular basis and are constantly seeing the manifestations that you have planted in the moments, days, weeks, months, and years prior, then it is a no-brainer. It becomes so easy. Because those things which you have no resistance against are the things that manifest the fastest and easiest. If you have the faith, then it is known that that if you have imagined it, then you know that God has heard you, and if you know that God has heard you, then you know that it will be fulfilled. This faith comes through practice, and repetition. Not through only imagining one thing obsessively, and nothing else. Prove this to yourself and build your faith day in and day out by persisting, and constantly using your imagination to create the reality of your dreams.

Do not imagine sometimes, and the rest of the day entertain terrible, horrible, fearful thoughts, imaginal acts, emotions, and moods. This is not the correct way to use the imagination. The imagination is the answer to every problem you have ever encountered, and will ever encounter, in your entire life. Treat it as such. I am telling you right now that this is the greatest gift that you have received – the knowledge of your imagination. Not any manifestation, or anything else is as important as this knowledge, that your imagination is the operant power of this world.

There is no person, place, thing, money, or anything else in this tangible, carnal world of Caesar, that has any remote importance when compared to the fact and knowledge and wisdom that your imagination is the sole creator of the heavens and the Earth. You are God. Your imagination is God. and everyone in this world is acting out explicitly based on your assumptions of yourself.

I tell you all of this say this: use your imagination always. Anything that you encounter in your daily life, use your imagination to solve it. Have you seen someone that needs to be healed? Visualize them being healthy in your imagination. Do you see something you don't like? Fix it, in your imagination. Do you want that better job? Do you want more money? Do you want that love her do you want happiness? Do you want your depression to be lifted? You want peace of mind? You want a free cup of coffee? You want to see a cloud disappear? You want it to rain? You want an old friend to message you? You want to have the day off? WHAT DO YOU WANT!? All of these things can easily be accomplished with the imagination. All things are possible to the imagination. And when combined with feeling they are expressed in this reality. There is nothing in this world that has not been first imagined by you.

When you persist in this journey you will unlock the house of power inside of you. I, myself, have proven this so many times that I can only but try to explain the faith and trust that I have in this Almighty power called the imagination. But you can easily prove this to yourself. Listen to me. Test it.

In all things, imagine. Shut off the senses so as to ignore the limitations of this world. Bring the scene into your imagination. The one that would exist if and only if you are now the person that you wanted to be. Play that scene in your imagination until you can make it real.

Enter into this scene in first person and think from the scene and not of the scene. Do not look at yourself as if you are in a movie, you must play the actor in this play. The exact nature and copy of this imaginal act will be reflected on the screen of space so it is imperative that you think from the scene, so that you will receive the thing you imagine, and not another. In that same sitting, play it over and over until it feels as real as possible. Persist and bring your attention back to the scene if your mind wanders. If you do this long enough, if you make the scene embody what you would see, what we would hear, what you smell, what you would taste, what you would touch, how you would feel emotionally, it will feel real. That is the only ingredient your manifestation to unfold. Feeling. And when you do this, a Natural Bridge of incidents will unfold and lead you to the end. You must not struggle, you must not use effort, and you must not use your willpower. Your willpower is worthless. You will automatically be moved to the end result if you have successfully imagined.

Do this with every single thing that appears in your life. No exceptions. For you will soon find that you have only been operating through your imagination the whole time, every moment of your life, anyway. The actions that you take today we're first imagined at some point by you, either moments before or at some time before the action actually took place. The fact that you are even reading this right now was imagined by you. Do this from the moment you wake up, to when you're driving in your car, too when you arrive at work, or as you’re home taking care of the house, do it for all problems that arise, for anyone that you see that you feel could use some help, do it before bed. Imagine as if you have already received the thing from which you are desirous of.

This will be the greatest gift that you will ever give yourself. For you are God and doing this you will prove that you are God.