The key to manifesting desires is to create succinct, vivid imaginal scenes with sensory detail to think from and out of. The events and occurrences of this world only exist due to support from the human imagination. Nothing can continue to exist in this world without such imaginal support.

Supreme power, supreme wisdom, and supreme delight is the solution that many wish to aspire -- the thing seldom realized is that this solution is effected from the human imagination. Start to slowly and gently think back to your entire existence. Each problem, event, or moment in your life was birthed due to first imagining it. Each thought gives birth to the next thought, just as each event in life gives birth to the next event, sheerly and solely due to the imagination backed behind it.

Divine imagining and human imagining are the same power. The seeming difference between the two lie not in the substance or source, but of the saturation, vividness, potency, volume, and degree of feeling behind the image. The degree of intensity of the imaginal act is the coefficient or degree to which the objective reality is birthed into existence. Acting at high tension, an imaginal act is an immediate objective fact. Keyed low, the imaginal act is activated at a time process. R = (kI)/t, where k = intensity, degree, or saturation of likeness to reality, t is the time it takes in relation to the intensity and vividness in which an imaginal scene is realized, and I is the sum of components of imagination which make up the scene.

Another hypothesis is that, k = I/R in degree of saturation to true likeness. Time is based on k, and R is based on the saturation of I.

One moment is similar to the next due to the vividness of the experience. Therefore, to make an imaginal act as vivid as reality in all aspects will manifest the scene definitely.

I/R = 1 is the current moment in time. so T = 1/(I/R) -- in a perfect world.

The gift of imagination and the power to create reality sleeps as though dead amongst the masses. The human being is in the heart of creation but the paradigm of thought that must exist in order to deliberately create is seldom taught, heard, or accepted. Therefore, man is inadvertently and unknowingly creating his destiny each passing moment without any care of belief in knowing that he obtains this power.

Therefore, we must take control of this spectacular asset and use it for the better good to help shape ours, and our worldly brother's lives to the best image we can possibly conjure.

Dare to faithfully imagine the end and all things conspire to aid your harvesting.

If there were dreams to sell. what would you buy? Would you not buy your wish fulfilled? Your dreams are without price and without money. Henceforth, create your ultimate destiny through the simplest acts of faithfully imagining your desired outcome, compose an imaginal act defined by the principles of your dream, and enter a reverie state in which you are only the character you wish to become -- and you shall receive.

Now, what makes up the perfect imaginal act? That is the direction we are going. There are a few basic criteria that fulfill the requirements for the perfect imaginal act.

Imaginal Sensory Vividness == Reality Sensory Vividness

Imaginal Emotional Vividness == Reality Emotional Vividness

Imaginal Belief Degree == Reality Belief Degree

Here are the steps you must take in order to regain conscious control of your destiny and manifest your dreams.

How To Manifest with Visualization and Imagination, Step by Step

  1. Define the objective reality you wish to receive on paper in writing.
  2. Construct an animated act which consists of a concise, succinct period of time, which would require to occur had your dream been successfully and completely realized, with complete, vivid, explicit sensory and emotional detail. Write it on paper.
  3. Enter the reverie state, a state akin to sleep, or hypnosis -- with the intention that what you are about to imagine is going to be crystallized in reality when you can saturate your imagine with as much realistic detail as possible.
  4. Enact that scene over and over until it takes on the tones of reality.

This is not an overnight matter. In some cases, it will be very simple to manifest a scene into reality. Other things will take research, precision, and determination.

For instance, to become an Owner of a Successful, Multi-Million-Dollar Company, you would first need to have a working understanding of what it would take to enact that scene. This would take research of successful people, reading articles and books on acts and scenes of people that have done it before, the emotional state after such an event occurs, and what you would possibly be surrounded with and the types of conversations you may have when you are in this state. You may need to watch videos of Funding rounds, news reports, interviews. It may take you watching documentaries, reading biographies, autobiographies, and history books.

Many times, to take on the character traits of someone who is the master of their trade, or someone wildly famous, simply reading about the person or watching them live will allow you to subconsciously receive that person. Other times it may take you acting out yourself as them in your imagination. They key is to get completely lost in your imaginal act, and to perceive it as accurately as possible by putting yourself in the shoes of someone who has done it before.

Abandon yourself completely to the new state. You must live completely in the new state in order for it to come to pass. As limit I/R where I starts at 0 and approaches 1, the time approaches 0.

Function in it, think from it. That is what makes the imaginal act real.