I'd like to share some answers that my subconscious mind has been revealing to me.

I first want to define one definition of the word 'miracle' as was revealed to me: A miracle in a way it was revealed to me is an event or action which was first intentionally defined or imagined, and which was traced from inception to manifestation.

But here's the thing:

Our entire existence is a miracle, or a manifestation of our thoughts. Except, it is only considered a miracle to the average person when they REMEMBER the inception moment of which the imaginal act, thought, or word took place. Therefore, when the person realizes that their thought, prayer, words, or imagination had produced that action -- it is commonly regarded as a miracle.

However, if defined as such, for people who understand that imagination creates reality -- and the manifestation of such events are considered miraculous, the fact that every event and state that we have ever lived in was a direct result of a thought, imaginal act, or decree, therefore EVERY MOMENT IS A MIRACLE.

Lately, it seems to be a common theme to shed the old man. I have asked my subconscious mind first:

Subconscious, how do I manifest my desired results perfectly?

Answer: Through meditation

Subconscious, what meditation?

The I AM Meditation

Subconscious, what does the I AM meditation do?

Answer from Subconscious: It releases the predicate "Joe" in I AM Joe, and simply allows us to take on sheer Awareness, or God. We are now Gods when we can know that the I AM meditation is bringing on the form that was before Joe existed.

Subconscious, now that I know that I am supposed to shed Joe in order to become that which I desire, how am I supposed to do that?

Answer from Subconscious: Abandon yourself to God as you understand God

S.M., what does that mean?

Answer from Subconscious Mind: Be ye impersonators of God. And since we ARE God and we ARE Creative, we must be God and Creative. "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive". Our subconscious mind, which is GOD in human imagination, previously abandoned himself to become Joe, and he did so in such a manor that Joe was born without the knowledge that he is God. That's how much he abandoned himself completely to Joe, whom he loved. In order to become Joe, God had to abandon himself COMPLETELY. Therefore, be ye impersonators of God means that we need to abandon ourselves completely, just as God abandoned himself to become Joe. Then, and only then, are we perfectly able to manifest our desires, which we love.

S.M., how do I do this?

Answer from Subconscious Mind: Through Revision and through understanding that You are God. Revise my history to be that which is consistent of my desire. Ask without fear. Assume the position of someone who has no roadblocks. Assume that the Joe of the OLD is shed. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto Him. Imagine the state fulfilled and enter into it and act in it and think from it, and everything that makes up that state shall be added to the state. It shall be made manifest.

All of these answers came directly from my subconscious mind through the actors in my world. Neville Goddard, in The Power of Imagination states that we not need be mad at people in our lives, they are nearly messengers from God.

My mind is blown that through the Breathing technique, the I AM technique, and my imaginal acts I have received all of the answers to the questions I have asked. The trick was to become aware enough to know when SHE, my subconscious mind, was giving me an answer. She has never failed to answer a question. I only had to become open enough to realize when it was coming, and in which way.

This stuff works!