Faith is not a mysterious feeling that I have to figure out how to embody for things to manifest in this reality. In the bible it says faith is the thing that pleases God. The way for prayers to get answered is through faith. But what does faith really mean? Faith is not some mysterious thing feeling that is embodied which makes things manifest. What is Faith? Faith is imagination, and entering into the scene.  Faith is a knowing that something is going to come to pass. 

Faith is our most valued asset to manifesting anything we want in this world, for if we have faith, then we will use our imagination to create everything in our lives. If we have faith, we will always turn to God. If we have faith, we will get what we want. 

So, how do you develop faith in the first place? Faith is bringing the scene into your mind's eye into first person, and feeling as if you are there. That's it. If you can make it feel real then it will manifest. It is knowing that what you are doing is manifesting reality. That is what the term faith is referring to.

We have manifested everything in our life. We have manifested where we are right now. We manifested you reading this at this exact moment. All events, all people, the way they treat you, and your position in life -- all those thing you have manifested up until this point. So, did you have a feeling of Faith while during the the regular moments as you just carry on through life? Do you have a feeling of Faith with you at all times? Does it compare to the thing you believe "faith" is? No, it's just a feeling of naturalness. It's just believing that when you bring that scene into your mind's eye, it's actually going to do something. So the way to build Faith would be to simply put this stuff to the test and to bring scenes before your mind's eye, to write those list of things that you desire, to change your inner conversations, or anything that you generally do to manifest.

Doing those things repeatedly and putting it to the test is what builds Faith.

When I speak to people, they generally say that they admire my faith. They say that it is strong, and contagious. Faith is contagious -- but I was not born with this faith. In fact, I completely doubted at first that I could manifest anything, or that God existed. It was obtained through persistence, practice, and putting these techniques and fundamentals to the test. I know that imagination creates reality because I've been proving it to myself thousands of times. Countless times.

In order to develop your faith to manifest anything you desire, you must examine your life. You must examine your manifestation. You must practice this. The only thing you have to do is put it to the test and persist.  For me, my faith started building when I first started doing imaginal acts. I used to think that only some things were created by me -- that I was intervening at some points and manifesting things but everything else was naturally created. But the more that I traced my thoughts, the more that I contemplated things that I was thinking of -- and the more that I consciously injected scenes into my imagination, explicitly putting the stuff to the test, the more manifestations would unfold. It came to a tipping point where I was convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that I was creating this reality and that is what people consider faith -- knowing and being convinced that your imagination creates reality. So test it. Put it to the test. Imagine for everything. Every problem that comes up in your life. The imagination, which is God, is the solution to every problem that you will encounter in your life. 

It's a solution to all your dreams. Anything that you can imagine: your health, your wealth, love, happiness, for other people, and for every problem or anything that any desire that comes up -- create a scene in your imagination and play until it feels real. Then let it go and just watch. I do this dozens of times per day. I do it as soon as I wake up in the morning. I imagine the end of the day when I get up I make a list of a few things that I want to see manifest about my day. Also, I do this for any problem that arises during my day. I will create a scene which embodies a solution to that desire when I would drive to work. During the day I constantly imagine solutions to my problems, other people's problems, I write desires down as if they are already fulfilled, and I have inner-conversations with myself or contemplating things that I could be imagining. Sometime during the day I construct scenes which I will imagine before bed, so that when I am laying down I am not wasting the window into the subconscious. I write down everything that I experience during the day, as far as manifestations are concerned, so that I can always be reminded. Because that window right before sleep is the most efficient time to imagine. At that point our Consciousness is reduced, and anything we imagine at that point goes directly into the subconscious mind. It's the subconscious that's creating. So before bed I make sure I imagine better than the best I know, and I make sure I'm in a good mood -- because that's the perfect time to impress and create our reality.

Another upside to writing down all of my manifestations is to that it trains my subconscious mind to bring more of them to me. That which we expect, we create. That which we are, we create. That which we fear, we create. That which we imagine, we create. Be conscious aware of all your thoughts and the events that unfold in this world, because that is a tremendous faith builder. Faith truly is your fortune, because according to your faith you will continue to imagine anything that you desire.  

I'll try to explain this as clearly as I possibly can. Our ego is trained fully from this carnal and physical world. So what that means is that it's only taking its directions from what it seen, and what type of patterns it finds in this physical world. It's completely contrary to the spirit. The spirit is the creative force in this world. The things of the world cannot know the things of the spirit. We have to then train the ego to trust the Spirit. The way to do that is to consistently flood the ego with proof that our imagination creates reality. When we are constantly imagining for different things and for Successful outcomes and we're tracking our results every single day with everything that we possibly can -- that is how we will begin to get the ego's trust to teach it that it's the spirit that is doing the work, not the patterns in this world.

Here's the thing: we are only creating directly through the subconscious and the ego likes to believe that it's the patterns in this carnal world that are the limitations. That's where it draws its' logical conclusions from so I cannot stress enough that we must practice this with with as much stuff as we possibly can, and then track the results so that we can continuously prove to ourselves explicitly that our imagination is the creator of this world. The ego likes to think that if something doesn't happen immediately then this is all fake -- even though inside were beginning to prove to ourselves that this is not fake. So when you persist in imagining on a regular basis it is literally inevitable that you will begin to create at an incredible rate. There's nothing that can get between us and the manifestation if we have imagined it.

In order to manifest, it is pretty basic but it's way too simple for the ego to believe at first. All we have to do to manifest is to defined the scene. And in order to defined the scene we must define the goal that we desire. Once we define that goal we desire we construct a seen with all the vividness of reality, and then we get into that relaxed sleepy State. Once we have defined everything that would exist if we are now the person that we want to be. Once we enter into that relaxed meditative state, if we bring that scene into our imagination and enter into it in first person and feel like it is really done then the seed will be planted -- and there's nothing you can do to stop it. But there's various different ways that you can plant seeds. You can just write down a list. Your words have so much power that in the Bible the definition of "word" is also "thing". We must trust ourself. In order to trust ourself we must practice this. Because there's literally nothing that can stop us if we have successfully imagined the things that we want.

If you're not practicing this daily then you're not seeing manifestations all the time. And one of the greatest periods of growth in my life was when I began to systemize this and flood my reality with imaginal acts and intentions and inner conversations -- anything that would impress on my subconscious mind. Once I began to completely flood myself with imaginal acts, I then began to see a flood of manifestations in my reality. And here's the thing: even now if I do not practice this every single day then I can so easily fall back into doubt and then fall back asleep. And sleep is just forgetting that my imagination creates reality. So the truth is that if there's only one thing that I have to do successfully every day that is to imagine something. Because all it takes is one imaginel act to plant the seed; and all it takes is one seed to manifest; and all it takes is one manifestation to spark that excitement and desire in me and it's basically like A train of motion that unfolds after and I'm on fire. Every single day I see about 30 or 40 manifestations at least.

One thing I want to clarify about the list -- which is used to build faith -- is the list is not meant to manifest everything with in that specific day. It's simply meant to manifest in general. So when I write down my list the odds are is that I will not see everything on that first day but I will see them in the days to come. And what will become apparent to you is that there is no telling when and how it manifestation will come to pass. This will also show you that we can't really give time limits on weave when we want the manifestation to come. What I've learned from experience is that when I put a time limit on something all it does is creates this searching and looking and waiting in my perception. And when I am looking and searching and waiting I am actually creating more seeds of looking searching and waiting. And looking and searching and waiting is another way of saying "it is not done yet." We need to create our imaginal acts as if they are already done. Because the subconscious mind creates in the exact likeness of the thing that we have impressed upon it.  If I already have a thing, is there any way that I would still be waiting for it? And the answer is no. We have to feel as if it's already done at least for that split second and if we're starting to search an wait and look for signs and hope then we plant seeds of these. 

It's very important to clarify the written desire as if it's already done. Our words have the power of creation. So we never want to see things as if they are not done. And we also don't want to say things as if we want them. When we write down something we are completely and totally immersed in the things that we are writing down. Generally, that gives us enough power to manifest them. I have used the list to manifest really big things, and also really small things. But I am not explicitly and deliberately feeling each thing as I'm writing it. It's more of just being present to the thing we're writing down and taking that deliberate time -- whether it is 30 seconds or five minutes for the total list, that is what is going to impress upon the subconscious mind. And the reason is because when we are fully present in writing our list we are no longer thinking about the world around us, we're no longer thinking about the future or the past, we're not even doubting. We're just completely focused on the list at hand and from my experience that tends to be just as important as feeling.

The reason that Neville always says to get into a state near sleep and to relax completely is because in that state we are no longer thinking about anything that's going on in our lives. So it's basically like shutting down the ego temporarily and only dealing with the subconscious mind. I do want to say that feeling is important, but the reason I give these exercises of writing is to prove to yourself that you don't always have to explicitly imagine fully in order to manifest. It is your fleeting thoughts as well. What you'll come to find by experimenting and immersing yourself in this is that it's a clarity of thought that becomes the thing that manifests.


Say for an instant you took an Entire day that you were going to dedicate to planting seeds. You would take that entire day and all throughout the day. Begin to plant seeds have inner conversations, imaginal acts, and write lists. If you take that entire day to immerse yourself in imagining -- then at the time you are present and imagining, you are not waiting and searching and looking and finding for the entire day. The results of that presence will be the this: the next day and every day thereafter you will begin to start seeing tons of manifestations and that will be enough for your ego to temporarily be subdued and your faith to increase. It sometimes takes that jump start. We sometimes have to take a set aside period of time to imagine. That's what's going to start to get us to see these imaginal acts manifested in reality and that's what's going to start jumpstarting our faith to the point where we can feel confident in ourselves to manifest everything that we want. We will come to the point where we're not worried that it's going to come because it always comes.

The point is is that when we completely move on and stop searching is when the things begin to manifesting like crazy. If you, every single day, write down a list of 10 things and then the next day write another list of 10 things, and the next day another list of 10 things, and then stop looking and searching and waiting and finding, you will begin to see in a weeks time when you go back to the first list that you wrote that almost all of those things had come to pass.

Sometimes all it takes is reflect back on and observe the events have transpired days or weeks and thats how we being to build our faith. By observing. 

Sometimes we must have the knowledge and faith that it is going to come naturally. Impatience is a sign of lack of faith. But sometimes the obstacles before us seem that they will not allow our manifestation to come to pass. But may I, "nothing is too big for God." All the laws of nature and everything that exist in this world are NOT operating and means in and of themselves, but they are merely a means and in and for the subconscious mind or God to use in order to bring us the things that we desire. We have to look at the world around us as a positive thing that's only going a bring us the things that we want. So we should not use the patterns of this world to dictate how the things are coming to us. After observing this for a while you'll begin to realize that no matter what obstacles are in your way, all the world will be moved to bring you the thing that you want. If someone has to go through 10 different things in order for them to take on the mindset of the person that we imagined them as, all of those things will come naturally to the point where in the end, they will believe in themselves that came up with the idea on their own. 

I was a complete and total control freak over this world. I was entirely and completely powerless and I had no idea how to interact with this world. When I began to manifest I had such a hard time letting go due to all of the bad things that happened to me. I started from zero. I was the biggest doubter in the world when I first began. But once I saw my manifestations come to pass I was completely hooked because of that powerlessness that I had experienced all of my life. Once you get into the relaxed meditative state -- when you're fully present in the moment -- when you are focusing on your breathing and counting back word you will begin to be fully present in your own self. Once you become fully present, you can then bring a scene into your imagination for a few seconds and then drop it and then bring another seen into your imagination for a few seconds and then drop it and then bring another one into your imagination and drop it.

So when I keep track of every single thing that manifests there are a lot of things that I can extrapolate from that data. I can see how I imagined and how long I thought about it. I can see what events transpired for that thing to make its way into my life. I can see how much effort did I actually put in in order for that thing to come to me. And I can make conclusions such as wow I actually did nothing. Or look at what happened to notice that the come to me 50 different things moved and I had no part in any of them except for imagining.

So before when I was talking to a client she asked me to give an example of exactly how I would write down a list of things that I want and. The first one that I wrote was 

1. I receive a free cup of coffee 

2. I receive $5000 in new business 

3. Someone dreams of me 

4. It rains for 30 seconds 

5. I have a fun date. 

The first reason I did that was to prove that I can mix big things with little things, and the second reason is that when the four easy things come to pass I can look at it and say, "Okay, those came to pass so there's no reason at all why that big one is not going to come to pass, so there;s probably just a little bit of time that needs to take place for the chess pieces to move for me to manifest that bigger thing." 

 Whatever we impress on our subconscious mind is what's going to be created in this world. Normally, it's through the daily events are thoughts behaviors moods throughout the day in our Consciousness. That's what's injecting our subconscious mind with the things that we see, which is why we are continuously creating the same day over and over. That's why our days have a lot of consistency to them. When we inject these imaginal acts into our subconscious we emulate the natural process of thought. By persisting over and over, and by flooding our consciousness with what we WANT to see, rather than what we automatically see, we will begin to manifest unlimited things. We will begin to build our faith. We will begin to manifest more and more in this world. 

 Spend your time building your faith -- for it IS your fortune. When you build your faith, you will be so excited every single day to spend time with God, who is your imagination. Your imagination creates reality.