Part of my path is DISCOVERING truths about the universe that have yet to be explained. I've always had that obsession. But it is media and marketing for most science companies jobs to tell us that all discoveries have been made, and every discovery is the last one! That is not true. I've discovered far more about the universe than anyone in reality has explained to me. And I, in turn, am sharing it with you.

God is dreaming, and we are the dreamt. This world is the inside of God's mind, whilst God is dreaming in Eden. In the beginning of Scripture, it says God placed Adam in a deep sleep... But it never said he awoke. That is EXACTLY what has happened to us. God is our true Self, and completely forgot that he is sleeping and dreaming this dream of life.

But at one point, we will jolt awake, via a thunderous bolt in the center of our skull, and we will then know who we truly are. This happened to me in late 2011 / 2012 in the early hours of the morning. It is said that we will be accounted for, one by one, and we will know who we truly are. And who we are is God -- the creator of it all. We have Infinite power, and we need only tap into it, and exert it on this reality.

Once you have awoken, you can keep increasing your power, by imagining over and over -- practicing, strengthening your mind, your Awareness, your mental control, and vivifying your imagination.

Do you know how to manifest other doing the things you desire? Do you know how to create wealth? Abundance? Do you know how to KNOW if your manifestation is coming? Do you know that you're doing it right? Or wrong, for that matter?

Come tomorrow evening, this workshop will demystify manifesting and Neville Goddard's teachings so you can be SURE your manifestations will come. Yes, manifesting works for EVERYONE, despite creed, religion, belief systems -- etc. Just keep going, and you'll see results.


Joseph Alai

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