Have you ever searched for something like your phone or sunglasses for what seems to be forever? Have you ever torn your house apart, your car, all of your personal belongings to the point where you are at a loss because you know that you're around -- only to realize that you were wearing your sunglasses on your head, or you were talking on the phone that you thought was lost? 

We've all been there. The same metaphor may be likened to the existence of God, in my life. All along I had been searching for the meaning of life, trying to figure out how to get out of the mess that I was in, or was constantly begging for answers or help, yet I did not know that the entire time God had been with me, within me, and the only operating force in my life. I had been living my life hoping and praying that God would come in and change the conditions of my life. He would make appearances sometimes, and I would be grateful -- but then he'd "vanish". He would abandon me and leave me to fend for myself, and I would curse him for it, and ask him why he would not reveal himself to me. But he was there all along -- inside my imagination. I did not know that Heaven was a place that exists inside my mind. I did not know that the human imagination was the embodiment of God Almighty, and that I am Christ Jesus. All it took was for me to stop for a while, consider what it was that I was asking, contemplate this existence, and the answer came -- in full force.

Most people today are searching for an answer, looking for something outside of themselves to answer their prayers, guide them, or make their life even just a little bit better. Yet, this operant power -- God Almighty, is always and constantly alive and well and in infinite power inside of our minds. People think that maybe if they're lucky, sometimes God will answer their prayers. But most of the time, it seemed that 'the devil' was "boss supreme" in their life. 

It's easy to blame "the devil", or other people for your misfortunes, and even easier to say that God is not around -- "or else this wouldn't have happened". Or on the other side of the coin, "How could God let this happen!?". But more of you are realizing each and every day that we are the sole creator of our lives. No one can interfere with your rights, and you are literally dictating the course along which God moves and operates. 

That God, the one that most people have been seeking their entire lives, was hidden in plain sight inside their human imagination. It is so blatantly hidden that every single person in this world has God within them -- that is how they imagine. That is how it was made by design. God says that he would abandon himself completely and forget himself, and manifest us. You. Me. Individually. At the plan of redemption is to live this life and then awaken, knowing that God is really within us. When that happens, life begins to change.

Anything and everything in our life was completely created by our imagination -- which first was God. All the events, characters, and experiences that you encounter on your daily life were set in motion due to a thought that you fed into your subconscious mind in a meditative state, akin to sleep. Your daily activities, words, actions, etc., were all predestined by YOU in the prior days. So what does this mean?

This means that you can intervene. God designed us to be able to control our imagination. Each image that we hold in our imagination is a potential state -- that exists NOW. That means that everything: past, present, and future already exist, and we have the power to choose one and draw it into our lives. The actual explanation and methods which dictates which events we see in our lives goes as following: 

  1. Think of a desire you want (we do this either automatically or explicitly every moment of the day)
  2. Consider an event that would take place AFTER the fulfilling of your desires.
  3. Get into a drowsy, sleepy state -- one akin to sleep. 
  4. Enter into that desired END RESULT as if you are playing the main character as yourself in that role.
  5. Repeat it until it takes on the tones of reality. 
  6. Release it when you feel the thrill of it feeling real.

Every single thought and idea that we contemplate is planting a seed into our future. The more seeds you make sure are pure, the better events your future holds. Do not allow resentment, fear, self-pity, and self-seeking dominate your thoughts, because. what you reap, that which you sow. 

You can actually tell what it us you're thinking on a daily basis because of the state that you're in now. Many people like to blame their mindset on their physical state of affairs, but this is a fallacy. The thought comes first, and then the event. 

So if you life is in shambles, and you think that your mental diet is perfect, then I'm not sorry to say that you're way off base -- and you've got a lot of work to do. But do work, because your rewards will be great. If your life is in shambles and you KNOW that you have a bad mental diet, then you have a great chance to turn it all around today. You will see results immediately if you learn to completely control the things you allow yourself to contemplate. If you're life is going well, then that is a good indication that your mental diet is good -- but there's always room for improvement. If you're life is going extraordinary and perfect, then you're doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work.

My indications that I am doing a good job is that I'll be seeing my manifestations by the dozens per day. Everything someone says and does is a thought that I'd planted in the coming days. When all of my prayers are being answered, and I am surrounded by loving, happy people -- when I am employed and am saving money -- when I'm in good health, and have a healthy communication with God, I'm on the right track. There's always room for improvement though -- and that's the way it was designed. Nothing is static, and everything takes work.

So as you can see, and as many of you know, God might be closer than we think. He is alive, well, and in full creative motion inside our human imagination. Be weary of what you feed your mind, whether it be in mental speech, or imaginal acts, or conversations -- because you WILL manifest it in your desires.