The lessons that Neville Goddard is always giving revolve around the power of prayer. Prayer has the capacity to change the past and future, in any and all capacity, and was given to us to profit. Over the span of the last few years, I have exhaustively studied unnumbered authors and books to become competent in my own power to manifest, as well as teach it to others. 

I'd like to give you a simple technique, as described in tremendous detail in Neville Goddard's book titled, "Feeling Is The Secret". The title is telling in and of itself, as it reveals to us the common thread which manifesting and creating a life of our wildest dreams consists of. 


I'd first like to share that there is no difference between a "large manifestation" and a "small manifestation". If you are worried that you are trying to manifest something too big, that is your own self-imposing limitations! These techniques work the same for "small" and "large" manifestations alike.

There is no telling how long something will take to manifest. You must just know that it is coming. You must believe it already exists, and that you and that state will become one.No matter which technique, method, or idea, the point which must be made is that in order to see any results whatsoever, we must invoke the feeling of our wish fulfilled in order to achieve results. 

Many times when posting a manifestation, which now happen so rapidly and successively that I fail to record them all, the question most of the admins are faced with by the readers is always, "how did you do that?" or better yet, "how do I do that?" 

I hope that this post will dispel most questions and concerns with regards to this topic, and will help you to achieve your grandest desires with ease and purpose. I want to give you step by step instructions on how to manifest anything you desire. I am going to give you a very simple example, followed by the explanation and instructions.

I had recently gotten had the idea to delve back into working on my own business again, and in doing so, I desired to be a contractor, wherein I would be contacted by people whom needed software developed, and I would subcontract it out to others, for a profit. I decided that this would be a perfect task to give to God, and impress on my subconscious mind. I ended up writing down my desire, and then spending just a few moments visualizing my positive outcome imagining that I had attracted clients to my business. I also wrote down a series of mental conversations I would have with myself which I would be saying if I had achieved my desire.

Within 24 hours I was contacted by an old client and I had sealed a deal.

How did I do that without reaching out to her? How did she know to contact me? Why was it so perfect? 

I did not send out any notifications, I did not contact anyone, I simply wrote down my desire, spoke some inner conversations to myself, and did a quick scene.

It's because the subconscious, or God, takes our instructions and executes it in reality so as to manifest our desires, with ease. I put virtually no effort into this, except maybe 15 minutes total of work, and 5 minutes of inner conversation

Imaginal Work

1. Defined my desire clearly. I do this most times on paper, so that when I come to the next step, I have a target.

2. Define a scene which would happen IF and only IF my desire had been fulfilled. This means I take a scene which embodies the completed results, AFTER IT HAS BEEN MANIFESTED, and mapped that out. Normally I will do this either on paper, or in my head.

3. Enter a hypnotic state. This means I literally clear my mind, even if just for a minute or so. I either go into a day-dream state, or close my eyes. I purposely shut off my consciousness.

4.  I then begin to bring the scene which I created in the second step, into my existence. This means, I bring "there", here. I act as if I am the one in that desired state. What do I see? What do I hear? What do I feel? I enter into the state in first person! This means, become the actor in your play. View it from your own eyes. So if you are receiving an award, become yourself inside the visualization! You should be seeing it from your own perspective -- not from an outside perspective.

5. Repeat it until the scene looks real. Feels real. Is real. It must FEEL REAL. This is the entire point. Make it FEEL REAL. Feel the emotions. Feel the feelings. Feel the physical feelings. You must be there. FEEL THE THRILL OF IT BEING DONE! This should be exciting, since you have successfully achieved your desires! 

Inner Conversation

1. Define what you want

2. Create some inner speech which you would say IF and only IF you had achieved your desire.

3. Purposefully, throughout the day, replace your automatic inner-conversations with the conversations you've created!

4. Do this multiple times through the day.

5. Maintain the feeling as if you already achieved your desires!

When you have done this successfully, you may stop. 

When you are out of this hypnotic state, if you have successfully felt the state correctly, you then must sit back and know that your imaginal work had done the trick. This is what faith is. Faith is knowing that the God in you was impressed upon by your subconscious mind. Do not revert back to thinking that you are not in the desired state, for you have been there -- you have seen it.

The entire purpose of doing this imaginal work is to bring upon the state of your desired FEELING. If the feeling exists in you, then must the state come. It is as simple as that. There is no magic number to the times to repeat the scene. There is no magic number to the amount of TIME to do the scene. There is no requirement at all, except to get into a state which your subconscious mind is impressible, and then FEEL THE FEELING OF THE WISH FULFILLED.

You can manifest your desires through

a) assumptions

b) attitude

c) inner conversation

d) outer conversation

e) imaginal acts

f) general feeling / attitude

g) thoughts before bed

h) the way you act

i) day dreams

Choose any of these things. For greater effectiveness, choose more than one. Consider "what would it feel like if I now had my desire?" Answer that question, and then maintain that feeling. 

Even if you do not keep your feeling 24/7, every single thought manifests something. So if you can maintain the feeling for a brief time, you will manifest some results. The more natural the feeling, the more consistent the results.

Questions? Comments?