In Feeling is the Secret, Neville pours out some of his most profound ideas regarding creation in a concise, objective manor. One part that stuck out to me today is something which I used to struggle with in the past, but when I overcame it, the rewards and fruit of this change were marvelous. 

Each and every feeling must be expressed in our physical reality. That means that if we do not guard and control our thoughts and emotions, then our creations in this world will be random, negative, and uncontrolled -- for many of us, depending on the nature of our wild thoughts. We will have been creating things that we did not intent, or desire. 

Here are a few key lines from this book which I want to highlight.

"Man who does not control his feelings may easily impress the subconscious with undesirable states. By control of feeling IS NOT MEANT RESTRAINT OR SUPPRESSION OF YOUR FEELINGS, but rather the disciplining of self to imagine and entertain only such feelings as contributes to your happiness."

"Every feeling makes a subconscious impression and unless it is counteracted by a more powerful feeling of an opposite nature must be expressed. The dominant of two feelings is the one expressed." But he goes on to say, "Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an UNBROKEN connection between your feelings and your visible world. Your body is an emotional filter and bears the unmistakeable marks of your prevalent emotions." But here's the key: "Emotional disturbances, especially SUPPRESSED EMOTIONS, are the causes of ALL disease. To feel intensely about a wrong WITHOUT VOICING OR EXPRESSING THAT FEELING IS THE BEGINNING OF DISEASE. IN BOTH BODY AND ENVIRONMENT."

Many people confuse revision or controlled imagination with suppression, but suppression is the beginning of disease. Feelings and emotions must not be held back, nor should you pretend that they didn't happen -- because this is bordering DELUSION rather than control. From my personal experience, anything I try to HIDE from has a one-way-ticket into my subconscious mind, because I am letting it slide RIGHT PAST my conscious, into my subconscious.

I used to NOT face my emotions and experiences, and literally just pretend that whatever event or idea presented itself never happened, and would be afraid to write down or think about the event that unfolded. This is NOT what Neville is talking about, and from my own personal experience, it does not work to act this way. Instead, if an event or thought comes into my awareness which is in contrast to the intention I've set, I MUST and DO reflect on the event that transpired, but then after, I accept that what has happened is only a part of the manifestation, or revise. I do not turn a blind eye and pretend that the events in this world haven't happened.

This is the difference of coming from FEAR and from POWER. Fear is hiding from the things we've manifested, and POWER comes from the knowledge and faith that no matter WHAT HAPPENS, we have the power to change it. Our understanding that we have complete and total dominion will reflect our ability to face challenges head on, and reverse or intensify them.

Fear and suppression are signs of weakness and doubt, whereas acceptance and action are a sign of faith. 

Example: Some back history is that I've been able to control and change the events in my life at a very successful rate. I have countless experiences documented which prove that my inner thoughts will dictate not only my actions, but the events in this world and the actions of other people. I had set an intention for a specific person to become a happy, productive, normal member of this world. So after I had set this particular intention recently, I had gotten a call with information that could have been considered contrary to my belief. 

But instead of cowering at the message from that particular person, and simply pushing the call into my mind and pretending it never happened, so as to continue focusing on my desire, I instead simply acknowleged the event that occurred, and was instantly resolved that it was only a bigger part of the picture. 

If I had pretended that the call never occurred and shoved it into the back of my mind, the fear associated with that would extinguish the desire inside of me, and that entire scenario would be infected with fears and doubts -- and "God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap". But instead, by literally acknowledging that what had happened was a part of the plan -- I could also then have gone back into the recesses of my mind after, and revise what had occurred -- but without the suppression feeling being present in that experience. 

The idea that I'm trying to hammer in here is that if we allow fears, doubts, and anxiety to be present through SUPPRESSION (because suppression is a result of fear), then that will multiply and infect our manifestations.

One technique I use to destroy suppression is to literally face every situation head on. If there is a lingering fear that exists inside of me related to my desire, I will face the fear head on. I will feel the feeling in the core of my being, because otherwise it will be dispursed and create disease throughout my entire body and external environment (e.g. the world), and infect the rest of my life. 

I guess the moral of this story is to abolish fear so as to prevent yourself from creating a diseased life. 

Meet the world head on, because everything happening in it is your very creation, and you must love what you create, and give it the respect it deserves -- which is -- that it has all been created by you, God. You abundant life is on the other side of fear. Those grand desires you have will easily be manifested in reality by the constructive use of your imagination. Feeling + Controlled Imagination are the building blocks of this reality. 

If you have remenances of past hurts, fears, delusions still present in any form in your life, meet them head on -- and then do something about it. Do not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it, for this holds the key to the future. Your character defects, feelings, fears, etc., must not be ignored. When you face them, they are like the bogeyman and VANISH. But they MUST be met head on, otherwise your spirit will not be immaculate. You must ruthlessly clean up the past, present, and future, so your current state of affairs is not tainted with anything negative.

And once this is done, "your sins will be white as snow", and those anxieties, fears, hurts, doubts, will not longer be present in your imagination carried on from the past, and you will be in the sunshine of the spirit, and everything that you desire will be easily made manifest in this reality.