Does Everything Really Manifest From Human Imagination?

When I had first started learning about the power that I hold within me, I would bury myself in books, watch endless videos, and contemplate the topics all day and night. All of these teachings share one common ground, that our thoughts had the potential, and DO create our reality. There was a process over the course of years, which is still continuing today, inside me, to try to understand and utilize this information.

At first, when talking about manifestation, it came in the form of Prayer in the Bible. The way I was taught was that miracles were possible, but only if it lined up with the "will of God". That meant, that if I prayed for something, if it wasn't God's will, then I could pray 'till the cows come home', but it would not happen. I later found this to be false. It isn't so much about what I am praying for, but HOW I am praying which dictates if something is manifested in this reality. I saw some results. I knew miracles were real, and that I could pray and receive.

Next, I moved away from the bible initially and started researching and practicing just manifesting, quantum physics, and other related topics. A lot of what I was reading gave the idea that things and events in this world will carry out in God's will, in God's time, and if I pray or visualize something, with feeling, I could alter events a little bit, and "attract" what I desired. The idea that was in my mind at that time was that God controlled everything in this world, and that I had a little piece of God in me that could also put forth my 'two-cents' and tiny bit of power, make items and objects move through a "Law of Attraction" and bring them to me. I also thought that since things have to be "attracted" to me, it would be difficult to manifest certain things. Most of this was incorrect too... There is no attraction -- nor creation in the sense of constructing new events. Everything already exists at once, and we only select the dimension and therefore are creating only our human experience, one dimension linked to the other.

Then I came to Neville, and he mentions how the entire world is a projection of my mind. Therefore, the God in me, being that I AM GOD, is the one and only force that is "keeping the stars in place". Me. There is no God outside of me. And there is only ONE God. And he was crucified inside my Skull, asleep, Golgotha. He had to be awoken, and when He was, I would know it, and finally believe that God was inside me, as me, and that I AM GOD, inside my Human Imagination. He said that there are infinite states (which fit Quantum Model), and that they all exist now (also fits Quantum Model). He said that we should visualize THE END OF THE DESIRE, not anything in between, as that is what it says in the bible. He said the Bible is all figurative. None of it has actually occurred. He said that if I looked up the words in the bible, from English to the old languages such as Hebrew, Koin Greek, etc., I would find the true meanings. And I did. He said the bible would unfold in me. And it has.

From my experience now, I know that there are infinite states, existing now. All we have to do is in our human imagination, which is God, select the state we desire. That means we choose the end of the Play, whatever Play we want to see unfold. There is no difficulty because they already all exist at the same time, and we can simply choose one, and that is the one that we enter. There is no effort, only the constructive use of our imagination. He also says that every single person, thing, event, experience, structure, drama in our life is created by US. I have also found this to be true.

Once I put these teachings to the test, I have figured out that I only have to change ME in order for everything else to change. If I try to change something or someone else permanently without first changing myself, it almost always reverts back. But when I change myself, the changes in the world are always permanent. There are no exceptions.

All things that I see in my reality which I do not like are only things in myself I do not like. They are only fixed ideas in my mind that are then fixing the exterior world in a specific state. This is true for every single thing in our lives.

So I am telling you that you are the sole creative force in your life. No one is interfering with your rights, no one can stop you from doing anything, but yourself. You literally have complete and total power over this world. There are zero exceptions. The only limits to your power are those that you believe are limits. Literally, everything is possible.

The entire solution to creating your life as you desire it, and every event in the world, including people, places and things, is centered in your mind. The only requirement to modifying your reality is to re-organize your mind. Things will not happen in this world unless you first picture it, and feel it. That means, you must first imagine the life you desire in it's fully realized state. That is the only requirement. Once you imagine the completed scene in your head and act it out with feeling, and stay true to that feeling and assumption, the rest of the world MUST match your mindset.

So whatever it is that you want to be, whatever it is that you want to do, whoever it is that you want in your life, you must first assume the FEELING as if you already have received it. You must first see it in your mind, and act as if it is already there. Then you must stay true to this. You must keep this feeling up. Do not revert back to your old state of mind. It is so simple.

This has to do with people, as well. They are only doing what you are asking them to do without saying it. You must change your ideal of them, and yourself, and they will change. I promise you this, because I have tried it time and time again. I have witness miraculous things in my life. MIRACULOUS. It all has to do with organizing your mind to fit the person you want to be, and feel the feelings of it.

If you hold steady, you will start to see results. When you start to see results, you will see MORE results. And then you will come to a point where you are just constantly in a state of manifesting. This is where I am. I am telling you that it is possible because I have done it.

People have completely changed personalities. I constantly win things. I have surrounded myself with lovely people. I am quite successful. I am always lucky. I have risen to the top of all my jobs. I eat for free many times, drink for free many times, always hit green lights while driving. Anything I set out to do is done. I have succeeded time after time. I've received so many blessings over the past year that people do not even recognize me due to my happiness, and power.

Anyway, this post was a little long but I felt like I wanted to share this because maybe it would help someone. Let me know what you think