Changing The Past

Manifesting is a process that happens during every single moment of the day. We're constantly creating or recreating the things in our memory, our assumptions of self, our imaginal acts, inner conversations, outer-conversations, feelings, moods, and emotions. It's not surprising then, that if you dwell upon negative things, these things will be created in this world. The process of creation is simple. Whatever is impressed upon our subconscious mind is then expressed on the screen of space. All things in this world were created by our subconscious. So then, all things that exist in our world are direct manifestations of mind. The past is a facet of consciousness which many think is rigid, unchangeable, and fixed. Memories can be used for you, but they can also be used against you. Some people have had a single tragic event occur in their life, and ever since then, they have spiraled and the same types of related events occur on a regular basis. Ever wonder why this is? It's because even though it may have been a single event, it left an imprint, and continuously repeated it self -- being recreated over and over, each time the person replays it in their mind. Maybe you can relate to what I'm saying. I can. It is that one single event that sometimes is so engraved on your memory that your entire life is forever shifted -- either out of fear of it repeating itself, or through reliving it in some way. For those who have deep memories of strong negative emotions, they are heavy, carrying their baggage from one state to the next. To the degree from which we can remove all of our assumptions and memories do we then become capable of manifesting quickly, moving lightly, and happily.

Each memory, bad or good, is attached to the character that we are. Any memory at all will be taken with us from state to state, and at different times, depending on how often we think about them, they will be recreated in this world. Our battle is with the past, in all aspects. Whether it be the past events that haunt us, or the logic that it dictates to us -- the less we allow these things to dwell in our consciousness in any capacity, the more becomes possible. The best possible place we can be in is the present moment, with no lingering thoughts, memories, worries, fears, or anxieties. The less we know the better. All we need to carry with us is the knowledge that our imagination creates reality, and to remember that our senses, what we see, and the patterns and logic that emerge from what we see is nonsense and should be ignored. The only thing we must do is imagine.

But what if I were to tell you that the past is not fixed? What if I were to tell you that you are able to revise the past? What if when you did revise the past, and cut the weights anchoring you into your current reality, you could easily glide from state to state, and become the person you always wanted to be? I'm here to tell you that the past is NOT fixed. That you CAN change your past, just as easily as the future, and the now. Nothing is fixed and rigid in this world, as everything is always subject to your mind. You are GOD, and all things are possible to God. If you were to go into your mind's eye and fix the scenes in your mind that disturbed you, your entire life will be changed in accordance with the modified past. Sometimes it's resentment. Sometimes it's guilt. Sometimes it's anger. Sadness. Fear. Or something of the like. But you can wipe this out. You can fix it. You can finally be free.

"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;" - Isaiah 1:18

One of the greatest things I've ever done in my life was clean up my past. I took a fearless inventory of myself -- as objectively as possible. All of my character traits, good AND bad, memories, resentments, fears, joys, people I've hurt, people that have hurt me, principles that disturb me, institutions that disturb me, and people that disturb me -- and I listed them all down, from the time I first remembered, until the time I wrote the initial list. All of those things that plagued me, those memories which played on loop. Those things which told me that I wasn't a good person. Or that someone else wasn't a good person. Those wrongs that I never set right. Those damaged relationships. All memories that gnawed at me... Everything. I listed them all down, at some point, and asked myself, "How free do I want to be?"

If you have manifested before, it's easy to see then that it's important to control the thoughts that bounce around in our heads on a daily basis -- for those are creating the future. During the day, we're always thinking about something, whether consciously or not. You can look at a person's life and know what they're thinking, generally. Are they in a lovely place? Or are they in a terrible place? Look at yourself. What kind of situation are you in? The only reason you are in the place you're in is because you've put yourself there, sometimes inadvertently, through your mind. If you've finally come to the realization that you ARE God, and that you are creating every single event in your world, then you would understand why it would be vital to make a list like this.

Once I wrote down the list, I became resolved to set right every single wrong. I knew that this was the key to the future. I had revised before, and I knew it's power. I knew that I could consciously go into my imagination and play a scene in my mind the way I wanted it to unfold. And so I set out to play back every single memory I could -- yet correct the portions that I messed up. You see, we're immaculate. White as snow. Every single day we are alive, at any single moment, we have a perfect spirit. A clean slate. We are free from sin. We are not held accountable for our sins. On the other side of the coin, holding someone else accountable for being in a state is the same thing as you holding yourself accountable. You, and them, were all just in a state. Everyone is in a state. When this is realized, and when we understand that they are only just playing a part in accordance to our OWN mind, as well as ourselves, then we cannot hold people accountable. And with that said, the spirit within us does not hold us accountable. It only creates what we feed it. And so if we are punishing ourselves for the things we've done, we're the only ones who are creating the punishment in our life. No matter what we do to another, we are doing to ourself. And so if we do harm to another purposely, we will in turn harm ourselves. But after that moment, after the wrong was done, we can relinquish it, revise it, and forget it. But people generally don't. And so they play it back in their memory. And recreate the entire thing over and over.

So freedom comes from fixing the past, and forgetting. When the past is fixed, through our imagination, a bridge of incidents will unfold and lead us to witness the correction of our wrong. It works every single time. Go into your mind's eye and play back the corrected scene over and over until it takes on the tones of reality. Watch the series of events unfold. If you fix an argument you had with someone, and imagine it never happened, or that it had a happy resolution, that imaginal act will impregnate your subconscious mind and you will experience that fixed scene in this reality.

The more scenes we fix, the more free we are. The more free we are, the less we take our old self into our new states. The more we can abandon our old states. The greater the possibilities become. You see, if we are constantly weighed down by the past, it becomes increasingly difficult to find happiness in this world. It becomes difficult to imagine, because of our logical sense that tells us we're not good enough, or that we're a bad person, or that they're a bad person. And when you revise the past, and begin to experience all of your resentments, anger, fears, and negative emotionally charged feelings go away, you will just get freer.

I am telling you right now that this is not a psychological trick. When you modify the past, it must be recreated in this world. It follows the same process of imaginal acts and manifesting. There are no exceptions. All things are possible. And so when you fix an event gone bad, you will notice the changes that take place in others. All of those scenes which encompass negative feelings will be relinquished, and feelings are what create your reality.

About six months ago an argument ensued (from my carnal mind) between me and someone very dear to me, whom I've known my entire life. Afterward, I realized I acted out carnally and sent an apology. But nothing happened. Months passed. Half a year passed. I still received no contact from this person. Finally, when I decided to go into my imagination and revise the situation. I just amended what I said. That was it. Within a week the person called me and talked as if nothing ever happened. It was fixed, perfectly. The past was changed. Some series of incidents would have unfolded in his life and led to him calling me, even though he would not respond to me in about half a year!

Certain things that I wrote on my list, I was unable to let it go (due to my own limitations and failures). These things I literally cleared up the past by making literal amends to the people whom I had harmed. The freedom got stronger, and stronger, and stronger. When we are no longer bound by ourselves and our past, limitations are removed and all things become possible with ease.

Shortly after revising my history, I began to see my realities blend. Things would start to manifest, acting as if they had been there all along, but they never had before. The work I had been focused on over the weeks prior had suddenly been manifesting itself into "new tv shows" that had been built a year ago.

This world is just a dream. The less we take with us from day to day, the less we judge, the less we know, the more opportunities we have to see the glory of God. The more manifestations we see, the greater life becomes. Like a dream. And soon you will be on fire. You will be manifesting constantly. All the time. Remove those weights attached to your soul. Be free. If you are carrying around weight that you don't want, then you're in prison. If you're feeling the way you don't want to feel, then you're in prison. If you're going to sleep tonight as the person you DON'T want to be, then you're in prison.

So exercise this perfect law of liberty. Revise your past. Use your imagination. That is all that is required. You will be blessed in your deed.