Assumptions are blueprints which remain in the subconscious and hold the universe in place. Each person has their own set of blueprints in their mind, and those blueprints will continue to execute whether you’re asleep or awake, whether you’re thinking about them or not. They truly are very similar to computer applications running in the background, dictation how your world works. They also dictate what happens to you, what you think about yourself, how others treat you, and how you experience the world in its’ fullness. Put another way, an assumption is a tree that keeps reproducing, dropping seeds, and growing — producing fruit. It will consistently stay in the garden of your mind until you uproot it or replace it with another tree.

We do not have to consistently keep assumptions alive. They automatically stay alive and consistently reproduce themselves through your reactions. Some lay dormant in your mind, waiting for the perfect event to transpire to trigger the ripening of the flower — like the rare flowers that bloom once every two years. Some overtly exist for you to see every day, others exist but have been there for so long that you have no idea they’re even there. These assumptions can be good, bad, or indifferent, but they are there — nevertheless. We are either victimized or blessed by the assumptions we have alive in us, were either lucky or unlucky by receiving them through experience, or through what other people tell us, but either way, through manifesting, we actually have the ability to create and remove them at all. Generally, people are filled with a variety of different types of assumptions. I want to give you a few examples of assumptions: 

  • Money is hard to get
  • Everyone likes me
  • I connect with people easily
  • Relationships always end badly
  • I have lots of friends 
  • I have bad luck
  • I get anxious in social situations
  • People have to work hard to get ahead in life
  • My boss is a moron
  • You have to go to college to get a job

I bet you that you can relate to some of these. Whether you actually think them in your mind, or you see the fruit, or manifestations, of these assumptions in your life, they are there, nonetheless, and are holding your experience in place, consistently experiencing them one after another. But there are more assumptions, ones that you are not even aware of, the tricky ones, the ones that only pop up once in a while. If you look through your life, all the good events and bad events, and the events you encounter every single day, I’m sure you can come up with a list of them. They generally appear as patterns. These patterns should be spotted, and listed, so that you can decide whether or not you want them to continue. 

I do want to point out, however, that most of these assumptions are not based on facts. If you look closely, these blueprints that are being executed in your life are mainly based on fear, or what someone else told you. I can tell you from experience, that if you compare that list above to the life I used to live — I would have told you, “Yep. Those check out as true.” But if you compare them to my life now, after I’ve created new assumptions, I would tell you that all of those statements are subjective. All of those statements used to wreak havoc in my life, and none of them are founded on truth. Once you spot the assumption and hold it up to the fire of contemplative thought, compared to what the law of assumption  has to say, which is: All things assumed, whether true or false, will harden into fact, if you change them, you can experience and entirely different life. 

The awesome thing is, it barely takes any work to change your assumptions. You do not have to go through some Freudian psychological journey to uproot and modify those assumptions — for that is the carnal way. The Law of Assumption is a spiritual law, which supersedes anything physical. It’s very simply to remove and create new assumptions, and I would highly recommend that if you want to not only change the old assumptions, but have new assumptions working as a blueprint in the background, you should probably not only identify the old ones, but create a list of the new as well. 

There are multiple ways to create assumptions, and I will list a couple of them for you. But first I want to explain this amazing truth: in order to remove an old assumption, you do not need to find out what the old assumption is, you only need to spot the pattern, then create a new pattern and imagine you are experiencing it now. This is the most freeing thing that one I figured out during my studies, as the world tells us that we need to do deep psychological work and remove blocks in order for us to have the life we desire. That’s a bunch of nonsense. Each of these are simple in nature, but must be applied, for “faith without works is dead”, which basically means in other words, if you do not use it, it will do nothing. You have the power inside of you to miraculously manifest a life of your choosing, but if you just read this article and apply nothing, then nothing is going to change. Here are the two ways I will explain in this article on how to remove and create assumptions.

  1. Imagine yourself as a person who already is experiencing the pattern you desire to have. 
  2. Decree or affirm to yourself with feeling in a concise statement (similar to the ones listed above) that you are already that person, who experiences alternate patterns. 

That’s it. It’s as simple as that. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about both of those countless times. I’ve proven that this works. Anyone who tells you that you have to go deep within and search endlessly through your past to target the exact moment where you were injured, or that exact statement your father told you which was embedded in your life, clearly doesn’t know this law. They’re just telling you what they heard from someone else. It’s simple, as manifesting is, to actually uproot any limiting beliefs. Here’s the thing: if you dig up the past, all you’ll get is dirty. Instead of digging up the past, if you simply identify the pattern you desire to encounter, rather than digging up the poisonous past to reinfect yourself again (which is exactly what will happen), you’ll create a new assumption and the old one will be removed.

So to give you the actual technique in order, this is what you must do: 


1. Identify any patterns that are recurring in your life

2. Make a list of patterns which are the opposite, yet positive of the ones which are now occurring. Whether to combat a spree of poor relationships you select a new pattern in which “my relationships are long-lasting and amazing”, or to your hard work for minimal pay with “I earn double the average wages in a third of the average time”, these are the things you will want to list down.

3. Create a list of patterns that you would like to experienced, that you have never experienced before, such as:

  •  Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
  •  I connect with people easily
  •  I am sought after and loved by many
  •  Everything I touch turns to gold
  •  I am normal and inspiring
  •  I am consistently complimented on my intelligence and creativity
  •  Everything I create is recognized as a masterpiece
  •  I have complete and total control over my life
  •  I work out consistently
  • Everyone who is in my life is productive and successful
  • All of my relatives are healthy and loving.

4. Identify which technique you would like to use, which would be

 A. Imagining yourself as already having those patterns being executed in your life

 B. Decreeing or affirming these things are true

5. Insert these assumptions into your life by using the aforementioned techniques

Imagination Technique

In order to imagine yourself as the person you want to be, with those assumptions and patterns, you only need to say the pattern to someone else in your imagination, and have them verify it to you. You would construct a scene which would imply that you are already now the person you desire to be, where a friend is complimenting you on your success as having those things happen in your life. And you would be affirming it back to them. That’s all it takes. To construct the conversation, and whom you’d be speaking with, and in your imagination have them tell you who you are. The new you. 

Decreeing / Affirming Technique

Take that list of patterns you wish to experience in your life, as if they have already happened and are currently executing, and with feeling, decree them to yourself. Say them in your mind, loud and clear. Feel the feeling as if they are true. “I AM sought after!” “I AM wealthy!” “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly!” Repeat them with feeling, until they feel excellent! This is all it takes in order to impress the subconscious with your new patterns, and to release the old. Do not do this robotically, but do it with feeling — for that will make the difference between success and failure.

How long do I need to do this?

The beautiful thing about manifesting is that you only need to do them until they feel solidly real. Until it feels like you are telling the truth. When you do this, it will impress upon the subconscious mind, and then be replicated and grow into flowers and manifest themselves on the screen of space. The excellent thing is, you do not need to worry if they will continue to manifest. The awesome thing about assumptions is that once these begin to flower, you will reap the rewards — the fruit of these assumptions. When you react to these assumptions, you will again plant the seed — for emotionally reacting to anything will plant a seed of its’ likeness into your subconscious again, and execute again and again.

Basically what I’m saying is, an emotional reaction will cause it to plant again in your mind. Then, after that, it will manifest again. Then, once it manifests again, you will emotionally react. Once you emotionally react again, it will plant a seed again, and it will manifest again. Once this cycle begins, you do not need to worry. Keep reacting in a positive manner, and you will set this cycle in motion ad infinitum — unless you want to change it. In order to change it, you must stop reacting to it, or just plant a different seed, by going through the process.

As you can see, it’s quite simple to change your entire life. This is the secret that no one has ever told you, but a secret that I have used to get out of a drug-addicted life, and into one of success, abundance, happiness, and peace. Do not be shy, there is nothing too big or silly. Simply use your imagination to insert assumptions. You can use this on yourself and for others. If you want others to change, simply insert a statement like, “My friends treat me with respect.” Or, “All attractive women I come into contact will are attracted to me.” Have fun and watch your life grow into that which you always wanted it to be!