"My five [imaginal] senses have synthesized into a power so great I can do anything. As I exercise this power, it grows and grows and grows." -- Neville Goddard

Exercising your imagination increases your power to the degree to which you exert effort and time. The quote insinuates your power has the ability to grow. My personal experience surmises that when I spend time deliberately practicing bringing images into my imagination, the greater the power called Imagination grows, and the easier it is to impress the subconscious mind. Side effects can be seen easily. 

After training my imagination thoroughly, there have been times where I've had extremely strong emotional reactions to intense events, and during each of those times, multiple people had contacted me, telling me they'd just experienced extreme psychic or manifested phenomena in relation to the thing I'd reacted emotionally to. Some of these people were barely involved in my life. 

But it's not just years that it takes to train your imagination. Periods of intense training or pushing of the imagination are always followed by interesting manifestations, mystical experiences, and the like. This is not only limited to me, either. 

The other night I told myself to have a premonition dream. One simple command. The next morning I went to Petco, and saw an old friend standing outside, speaking with someone. Suddenly, it hit me: the night before I had a dream of that same man, standing outside of his van, holding his dog, speaking to someone -- in front of a building that holds AA meetings I used to attend. And now, before my eyes, the same man was standing outside of his van, with his dog in his arms, speaking to a veterinarian. The problem was, it was not outside an AA meeting, and the person was a veterinarian, not another AA member. Nevertheless, I figured, it is still a premonition, just a little off... Until I went inside...

As I went inside Petco, I looked for my friend to tell him I had dreamed of him the night before in almost an exact chain of events as just occurred today. Then I saw him, speaking to that same veterinarian. As I approached, the veterinarian (wearing a mask) waved to me and said, "Joe!" I was confused, but stared closely -- and realized, it was another lady who goes to the meetings, she just so happens to be a vet and work at Petco! 

These events are not rare, and you can invoke them yourself. This is all accessible through the imagination -- through training your subconscious, and exercising your visualizations.

Begin now to think of different scenes you'd like to happen in real life, and imagine them until they saturate your mind. Try to push the limits of your imagination, your visualizations, the crispness of the noises, the strong sensations of touch -- and you will strengthen that imagination, increasing your power -- as Neville Goddard says.


Joseph Alai