I was preparing for tonight's Specific Person MasterClass Workshop -- and I had a thought. I haven't had a lot of time lately to think because of the events coming up (Radio, Workshops), but someone asked me the question in the VIP Chat, "How often should I keep repeating my affirmations until I believe them?" 

It's an important question -- and one that I've not heard the correct answer come out of anyone's mouth. An Affirmation should be used to impress the subconscious mind. We are not meant to brute-force hack our mind to create a new groove in our brain by repeating an affirmation. We're not creating a pathway. That's not the purpose.

The purpose is to impress the subconscious mind. Ask yourself this: when I imagine, am I repetitively slamming it into my brain to create a new neural pathway? I hope now. The idea is to quiet the analytical mind and impress the image of the wish fulfilled on the subconscious. That can take one try. 

At first, years ago, when reading Napoleon Hill, I was given the impression that I had to make this affirmation sink into my brain, and repeat it until it made me sick. Then I could "convince" myself of the new affirmation -- and it would take root and manifest. But that was not my experience. 

Listening to Neville's lecture today, "It Is Within", he backs up the claim that we do not have to jam phrases or imaginal acts repeatedly into our mind. It's not about making a new neural-pathway. It's about opening up the subconscious for a moment, by subduing the analytical mind, and allowing a single, clear, concise thought enter into that subconscious. 

If we can do this, Awareness does the rest. We may not, within the first minute, believe our new belief. But eventually Awareness will shift the world. It will move the world in such a way that whatever your new belief is, will take root. If your belief is, "I am wealthy", don't expect to believe you're wealthy unless you are wealthy.

But eventually Awareness will move in such a way that it will give you money -- and THEN you will have that belief. The world will be moved to give you the belief. You won't just suddenly believe it by repeating it. Just get one, nice, clear affirmation and the seed will be planted to create that belief inside of you. This goes for anything.

You concisely create a new belief in the tense of already believing it, or being it. Such as, "I receive money easily", or, "I have lovely relationships, consistent with integrity and trust". 

We can do the following

  1. Define what we want
  2. Write it down in the present tense (I AM, I have, I do, I receive)
  3. Find a time when you can relax for a moment, when you're not inundated by negative thoughts or anxiety.
  4. Repeat this phrase over and over until you feel the satisfaction of its' truth. This could take 1 to 10 to 100 times. All we need to do is feel its' satisfaction
  5. Stop

You will watch as the world will begin to shift to eventually make you take on that new belief. 

Sometimes I'll play the affirmations or assumptions in a recording, and listen to them until I feel saturated from it. I'll feel content with it. I don't necessarily believe it, but I believe that I am satisfied by it and that the side effect of that saturation is the eventual fulfillment of that imaginal act. It may take 20 minutes. It may take 3 days, 20 minutes each. It may take 20 minutes in the day, and then at night, for 3 days. Whatever it takes. But then that's it. Awareness will take over.

An affirmation is just another imaginal act, excluding visualization. Treat it as such. All aspects of our imagination are creative. So impress the subconscious mind by imagining and letting go, just as you would with anything else... And watch as the world spins to give you your new belief.