A system needs to be set in place to achieve the greatest results, now that you have the knowledge on how to manifest. There is so much different information out there, and so many instructions, it sometimes becomes hard to understand what needs to be done. At times, I forget completely that I could even manifest a solution to a problem. That’s why it’s important to have something you can go to in order to manifest exactly what you want. 

Below is a little system that you can go to in order to know exactly what to do when you are presented with something that you want. I call it, “The ABC’s of Manifesting”. If you utilize this system every time you come up with a desire, then you will inevitably manifest exactly what you want on a more persistent basis. 

(a) Ache / Aspiration — A longing desire for something. The feeling we get when we want something is often times an aching burning desire to obtain that feeling or thing. If we have a desire or ache to obtain something, we have entered the beginning of our manifesting system. Clarity of form, i.e.: clearly defining the aspiration, is essential when converting our longing desire into physical form, so as to be able to experience the exact object which would fulfill our desire. Once we have a burning desire, we need only define the object of that desire. Once we define the object of our desire, we define a scene which would imply that the “ache” or desire had already been satiated — the aspiration. How would you feel now if you already had the object of your desire? What would you be doing? Who would you be with? What would you feel? Define all of those aspects of the future objective reality, but define it in a way such that it is happening right now before your very eyes. It is important to note that in defining your objective, the scene you should choose must be a time in space after your desire had already been fulfilled, in past tense. The scene should not contain your desire BEING fulfilled, nor should it consist of any details about “how” it would be manifested, but with clarity of form, define your scene at a time after your desire had already been fulfilled. 

(b) Be — To be is to exist. Another definition is breathe, and the word for breath in the Bible is “ruach” which means spirit or to bring to life. To become or embody the desired state as if we already had it is to breathe life into it, or activate it, and it then becomes manifested on the screen of space, or in this external 3D reality. We act as if we already are that person we want to be, surrounded by the people and things we want to be, in the place we want to be, feeling how we want to feel, thinking how we would think — that is how to “be” the manifestation of the object of your desire. We can define a scene, giving all the details of reality, but until we enter into that state and become it then it is just a potential and will not come to pass. 

(c) Create or “see” — the act of process of bringing something into existence. Molded and formed by your definition of your objective and becoming the person who has already received your desired objective, your manifestation comes to pass. There is no accurate way to tell when exactly a manifestation is going to come to pass, unless you begin to see signs increase and events unfold in this manifested world. However, when you “become” the person you desire to be, and then you relinquish control completely and carry on with your day to day life, knowing that your seed has been planted, it is only a matter of time until it come to you. There is no way to know when, and no way to know how — period. If this fact is accepted, then it becomes so easy to manifest that it’s funny, because we will be able to drop it without question. We just know it’s coming. 

So put this system to the test. Memorize the ABC’s. Any time you feel an “ache” or “aspiration” inside of you, begin to say your ABC’s and then watch your manifestation come to pass.