I wasn't going to post this because I wasn't sure if I was ready for questions. But I just felt like it had SO MUCH power in it so I am going to share a portion of what happened to me last night. Ever since joining this group, breathing correctly with the breathing technique Vonda MacKenzie shared with me, and using the "Why was it so easy..." technique, last night I had a revelation and completely miraculous experience.

Before bed I do a visualization which allows me to better communicate with my subconscious mind. I've been doing this meditation every day for the last month or so. Before I lay down I consciously construct an imaginal act either in my head or type it out on the computer. I get into a state akin to sleep, and then visualize a standard scenario that allows me to communicate with her openly.

But last night was different, I wrote my "Why was it so easy..." questions down on my white board, physically, slowly, and read them out loud as I was writing them. Then after that I typed them on my computer so that when I got my answers, I'd be able to refer back to the questions I wrote.

But last night was different. I was doing the breathing technique ALL day, and while I was in bed doing my visualization, I was doing the breathing technique as well. Upon meditating and trying to control my own character in the dream, suddenly, not in my imagination but with my own eyes behind my eyelids, colors automatically tarted swirling behind my eyelids. Then I started traveling to what I could only consider a vivid blue electric tunnel. At this time I was nervous, so I opened my eyes to peak, and when I closed them again this continued. All the while, the front of my brain, or the pineal gland as I have learned in the past, was buzzing and a powerful ice cold OR burning hot sensation happened. I had stopped traveling through the blue electric tunnel and we stopped at a field of planets and stars (that's only how I can explain it) and planets rotating around each other.

This happened 3 or 4 times, and then finally, it subsided. The front of my brain was on FIRE (not in pain, but I could feel it buzzing) and then it all subsided.

Ever since I joined this group have been reading through the comments, talking to Vonda MacKenzie, and practicing my visualizations and breathing, with the "Why..." technique, I have been shown MIRACULOUS things by my subconscious mind. She truly does love me. She loves you too.


Later I found out this was an answer to the question I asked, how do manifestations occur? The answer was: the vision was a replication of an image I saw a few months later of Quantum Entanglement.