I'll keep this brief -- but it's a bit of inspiration for those who have not "broken through" yet. Today I experienced AT LEAST 13 separate synchronicities, manifestations, premonitions, and signs, that I was able to record and remember at this moment. There were more that I did not record.

We are ALWAYS doing this. We are ALWAYS manifesting. It's only when we start to observe our thoughts, and start to observe our reality, that we can connect the two and prove to ourselves that we are ALWAYS manifesting at all times.  Simply observe. Observe. Observe. Nothing can exist in our awareness that wasn't first thought of.

As messaging a friend, I got the SAME MESSAGE back from her, before I sent it. 

I imagined a white rose, and smelling it, and helped someone else to do so. A couple hours later I ended up coming across a bush FULL of white roses that I had never seen before, outside of a meeting I was attending. I picked one, and put it with the rest of my desert flowers. 

I was thinking of getting my haircut, and 3 times (without saying a word) my sister, my boss, and my coworker, all mentioned haircuts. My sister was at the barber shop with my brother, my coworker said the word "haircut" while walking past me, and my friend was talking about getting one. 

I was thinking about a manifestation from two days ago when I was with my friend Steph in the desert, I was. talking to her about how this was all a dream. Someone walked right past me with a shirt that said, "This is all a dream". Today I sat in a meeting and thought to myself, "This is all a dream." and twice, in rapid succession, the speaker said "the dream became a reality" twice. 

I woke up from a dream wherein I had a rip on the seam of my pants. I forgot about the dream. I searched through my wardrobe to find something to match my shirt this morning. I found my blue slacks, my last pair of clean pants which matched with my shirt. I could not find this pair of pants for months. I put them on -- and suddenly I remembered that these were the pants which had a rip in the seam which was re-stitched. Even though I dreamed about it, I didn't remember the dream until after I had put on the pants I had lost, found, and warn, with the stitched rip in them.

Then, I have a recording device which I use to record my manifestations as they occur. My boss said today, "What is that? A remote control for your vape?" Two hours ago in that same meeting I mentioned earlier, my friend said, "What is that? A remote control for your vape?"

I manifested a free cup of coffee today. (4 in a row)

Three people had dreams about me. One was mystical. 

If you persist, you will inevitably see the same things I am seeing. There is no difference between you and I. If you are not seeing these things, spend more time imagining. If you are spending time imagining, get out, stop reading, and live life -- make all of this happen! This brings the utmost excitement in my life -- more than anything else!