Today I'd like to talk to you about the one thing that makes the difference between success and failure when it comes to manifesting. I learned this lesson the hard way, through years of experimentation and research, and finally, when I came to Neville Goddard, he shed the light on this one thing, and ever since I implemented it into my imaginal scenes, I've been able to manifest anything and everything that I have imagined

So the one thing is thinking of the scene, instead of thinking FROM the scene. So you might be wondering if you don't know, "What is this 'scene' that you're talking about, and what does it mean to think 'of it' instead of thinking 'from it'?" 

So one of Neville Goddard's most popular techniques, the one that he teaches over and over again in his lectures most, is to create an imaginal scene. Construct an imaginal scene, and then play it in your mind's eye, and give it all the tones of reality. And play it over and over, until you either drift into sleep or until it feels solidly real and then release it. 

So what he means by thinking from it, instead of thinking of it, is literally, when you construct a scene, it must be a scene that would embody if and only if the desire has been fulfilled. So…

We are not supposed to think about any of the obstacles in the way. We are only supposed to think about the desire already being fulfilled. That's the scene that we're supposed to construct.

Most people… A lot of teachers teach this, and it's incorrect-- and like I said I had done it for a long time, and my manifestations were really hit or miss until I had started thinking FROM the scene.

So the movie method, which is what people talk about, is watching yourself on a movie as the person that you desire to be. So they teach to create a scene that would exist if the desire had been fulfilled, and then watch yourself on a movie in your imagination, acting out as the man or woman that you desire to be. And that is what NOT to do.

What should be done is to think FROM the scene, which is to literally enter into this scene in first-person. I'm going to tell you why. So the whole reason for your imagination to imagine the scene to manifest is because we are selecting a state that already exists in God. When we do this, and when we give it the tones of reality then it's impressed upon our subconscious mind and the thing that we are looking at in our subconscious, in our imagination, is then copied and shown to us in reality. Or it is the shadow of the thing that we're imagining.

So if we are imagining watching ourselves on a movie screen, then what is happening is

we are technically looking at a third person receiving the thing that you want, or doing the thing that you want, or being the thing that you want. So what was happening when  I would do this for-- like I said a long time, but I had to learn so that I could share this and I eventually would learn hopefully.

And you know what's happening is this third person that you're looking at this is copied into reality and a third person will receive the thing that you wanted to receive.

So if you have been using the movie method - the movie technique where you are watching yourself in third-person - I'm sure you've experienced this before, or I'm sure that you have experienced some failures, or. like for me, it would seem like the manifestation was so close. But I would never - not never because sometimes I would still receive the thing - but in the end, like I said, the results were kind of shaky. Sometimes it would happen, sometimes it wouldn't.

But when I started going into the scene and looking through my own eyes, and feeling the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and feeling all the tones of reality as if I was really there, and then playing that over and over and over again, this is when my reality started to shift big time. This is when I started, you know, I've manifested more things than I can count. if I said a thousand or five thousand or ten thousand, it's been more than that. And I'm talking about conscious manifestation, because we are manifesting, and we always have been manifesting. Always. And technically, nothing can exist in our reality unless it's first been imagined.

Anyway, I wanted to go a little bit more in-depth on the actual technique on how to do this, the step by step instructions on how to do this. So Neville talks about constructing a scene. So we want to know exactly what we want. If I wanted to manifest this watch, I would have to know that I wanted this watch. I would have to know specifically because although you know we can go into our imagination and kind of mess around and imagine different things, it's better to have a concise idea of exactly what you want.

Then the second step would be to outline a scene that would exist if and only if the desire had been fulfilled. So that would be me wearing the watch. Then what I would want to do is condense it into a couple of seconds, so that I could remember it and then play it in my imagination without effort. And when I'm constructing the scene, I want to give it all the tones of reality. That means, "Where would I be? How would I feel? What would I be saying? What would I be doing? Who would be with me?"

So for an example, let's say that I wanted to manifest this watch. I'm going to create a scene that would be in my house. I would be staring at the wall, and I would be saying to myself that "Wow! I'm so grateful that I have this watch."

That's a very short scene and that'll do. So what I'll do next is I will enter a state akin to sleep as Neville says, and basically what that means is a hypnotic state, or a suggestive state, some state where I have shut off this reality. I'm not thinking about this reality. I'm not thinking about really anything if I can help it.

And then I am supposed to bring that scene into my mind's eye and replay it over and over and over again. So when in this hypnotic state the subconscious mind is suggestible. Very suggestible. When we're not in this hypnotic state or the state akin to sleep we still have our conscious mind or analytical mind that is defending your subconscious mind or kind of telling you why you can't have this, what's in the way of this, why it's not possible. All that stuff needs to be completely suspended. So when we're in this hypnotic state, it's really only a very little portion of the conscious mind that's aware. So you can kind of control your imagination still, without it wandering wherever, and then you are able to easily impress on your subconscious mind the thing that you desire.

So you repeat this scene over and over and over again. The goal is to give it all the tones of reality. You want to be looking through your own eyes in the scene playing, as the person that you want to be, looking at the watch. "Wow, this is amazing! I'm so grateful! Wow! This is amazing! I'm so grateful!" Over and over until everything becomes solidly real. If you do this until you fall asleep, then it is done. I have tried this over and over again, countless times, unnumbered times. It works every single time, and it works with anything. It works with anything because anything that we can imagine already exists in God's consciousness.

See we can only look at one thing at a time. We can only be conscious of one thing at a time. Even our imagination. One thing at a time. But what we're doing is selecting the state, and then when we feel those feelings, when we really feel like we are there, when we are excited about the watch, or we're excited about being with the person we want to be with, or about winning the contest, or about going on vacation, that is what we're trying to create. That is why we want to make it real, so we can really feel those feelings. Because once we feel those feelings, it gets impressed on our subconscious mind, and then it's manifested into this reality.

So it's very simple and straightforward. The difference is simply going into the scene and  thinking from the scene, having the feelings of really being there, and looking at what would really be there, and feeling what would really be there, and hearing what you would hear, and tasting what you would taste, and having the exact emotions of what you would have if you would receive it. And a natural bridge of incidents will unfold and lead you to the end result. So that's the technique.

I want to give you one quick story of what happened one time that I used this technique and an amazing thing happened, and I manifested something awesome. So I live in San Diego, and I live on a kind of busy road - not of traffic, but of people. And I live right next to the house right next to the sidewalk, so if there's noise, sometimes it's difficult to sleep. 

There was a woman who was living in her van, and she had four dogs living in her van. They were feral, almost. They were. you know they were not little dogs. They were big dogs. They were very loud, and at nighttime, she would leave them in the van with the windows open so that they were okay. But she would leave them and they would be so scared.

So from about 10 o'clock at night until the wee hours of the morning, these dogs would bark when any person walked by the van. As I said it's a very busy area. People are walking by, there's a lot of bars around here. I live in the city of San Diego.

And so this carried on for weeks. Weeks. I tried to speak with her, I asked her if maybe she could go somewhere else. I ended up calling the cops. Other people ended up calling the cops, and nothing happened. So I decided to use my imagination to manifest a solution to this problem.

So what I did was I constructed a scene that would embody if and only if my problem was solved. So what I imagined was waking up in the morning and saying, "Wow, I had such a peaceful night's sleep. There was no noise." And I made that scene and before bed. I laid down, I closed my eyes, I relaxed, and I brought that scene into my mind's eye, and I imagined myself saying that. I imagined waking up in my bed and feeling that feeling of being rested and grateful that there was no noise, that there was no one out there. It was just peaceful. And I played that scene over and over again until all the tones of reality were there, and then I fell asleep in that state.

So what happened was amazing, okay? What ended up happening was you know these things started to get worse. I stopped taking action though. I did not say anything, I did not talk to anyone about it, because I knew that I had imagined it. I knew that it was done.

And so it started to get worse. The next night, it was louder and worse than ever, and there were a bunch of people that had called the cops. I just stayed back and I watched, but the problem was not solved. 

Then the next night, this was the miraculous event. So I had heard the dogs barking, okay. They were barking continuously, but there was like a commotion outside. So I went outside to see what was going on, and what had happened was so perfect. The lady, when she had left her dogs, had left the windows open just enough so that three out of four of the dogs got out of the van. 

So what does that mean? Why did three out of four get out of the van? Well I'll tell you why. It was perfect, because what happened was, the three dogs sat near the van, and they were just barking non-stop crazy to try to get the other dog out of the van. And what happened was it kept those dogs right there. So the dogs were barking for hours, and anyone that would walk by the van they would try to bite those people. 

Now this is really sad. Like, I felt really bad for those dogs, and you know I knew that it would be a perfect outcome to this issue, where everything would be perfect. So what had to happened was, people had called the cops, and the cops came, because they were there barking for hours. By the way, if all four had gotten out, then they would have just taken off. There would've been no issue. But because there was three out of four there, the three dogs stayed to try to get the fourth out and that's what caused this whole commotion. But the cops had to come, and they confiscated the dogs, which were perfectly fine by the way. They were placed in a safe place, and they told the lady that she could not do this anymore.

So what ended up happening was she put the dogs up for adoption, and three out of four of them ended up getting a good home, and because that pack mentality wasn't there anymore, the other dog is perfectly fine, and there's no issues. So in the end, it was a perfect solution to the issue. 

I couldn't sleep. I imagined that I had a good night's sleep. This series of events unfolded, and everyone, in the end, was perfectly happy. So all I did was imagine the end. I constructed the scene, I played it in first-person, I felt the feelings of being real, I recited the play in my imagination over and over again, with me as the main actor, seeing it from my perspective; and a natural bridge of incidents unfolded. A perfect chain of events unfolded that brought it to the conclusion that I would experience, and I would witness exactly the things which needed to happen in order for this to unfold perfectly, and to bring me to the end. 

And in the end, everyone was happy those dogs were not trapped in that van anymore, which was inhumane. The lady could then manage one dog which is so much better. There is no more noise, which is something that I tried to manage with my physical self over and over again for weeks, and everyone's happy. So this is just one example.

 I just wanted to share that with you because it really was an amazing thing. No one could have planned it. I couldn't have thought of that if I tried.

The main point is to just show that the main difference is being in the scene, thinking from the scene, feeling all the feelings, making the scene come to life in the imagination, and repeating it over and over, feeling everything as if it's solidly real. And no matter what it is that you imagine because anything is possible, you will see the results.

The thing is after you imagine, there are signs. So I saw things take a dramatic turn for the worst. Things got so much worse before they got better, but that's how I knew that something was underway, because other than that, the three weeks before, the couple weeks before, it was terrible. I couldn't sleep at night. But it was steady. It was the same irritation every time. But it took a turn for the worse. That is what I would consider a sign. And once I saw that sign I knew that it was fixed. I just waited and I knew and I had faith that it was done.